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You can call me Hal.

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Fandom rant & Hajime no Ippo
kaidoh spreadeagle
Oh fandom. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

I guess that's the best I can do, rant-wise. Is there a new Jump next week?

Anyhow, I've been spending the past couple of weeks reading the Hajime no Ippo manga. It's a boxing series and I watched the anime last year. I originally found it because Kiyasu Kohei voices the main character, Makunouchi Ippo. And Kiyasu and sports series are my favourite combination. I put off the manga, though, because there's so much of it. It started in 1989 -- yes, 89 -- and is still ongoing. I think it's up to the 750s now. I'm at 252 now, so it will still be a while til I catch up.

Ippo is a high school student who is picked on by bullies. One day, he's saved by a boxer, Takamura. Takamura says he hates those who pick on the weak. But even more, he hates those who won't stand up for themselves. Ippo is inspired to take up boxing. He joins the same gym as Takamura and works to become a pro. It's all about the journey and who he meets (and fights) along the way. So much great stuff, but best of all is his rivalry with Sendou Takeshi. Best. Rivalry. Ever.

If you like sports series, I would highly recommend Hajime no Ippo, both manga and anime. If you need pretty-ness and slashability, though, it's not for you. I can't really imagine slashing any of the characters -- too much rivalry -- and they're not all drawn to be good-looking. But, oh my god, the story is wonderful and the intensity of the fights! I'm so wound up right now, so fucking tense over the second Ippo - Sendou bout and I already know what happens!

I can't believe I don't have icons yet. But I can't stop reading long enough to make any.

Sendou on the left, Ippo on the right.

More info: Dynamite Glove

eta: I've made three posts tagged hajiime no ippo and in each one, I've spelt Sendou differently. I fail at romaji.

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I like sports series more than anything else. But I need pretty-ness too. This is why Slam Dunk fails for me.

If you read 10 chapters a day, it'd only take you 2 and a half months to complete. :S

I like your rant. I thought we had learnt something from it all thought :(

I have no ES21 icons. Maybe if I have them, more people will read/watch it. Maybe.

Slam Dunk has prettiness! You just need to wait for him to hit his stride as an artist.

Slam Dunk is oh-so-pretty!

I can't seem to stop reading, so I bet I'll be done by the end of the month. Or caught up, anyhow. Then I'll have three raws per week to look forward to!

Who are you shipping in ES21? I'd like to ship Shin/Sena, but they are too strong of rivals to really write. I'd like to try my hand at Takami/Sakuraba soon. And I'm fond of Shin/Sakuraba too. I need to actually do some reading in the fandom first, I guess.

I have some sort of Takami/Sakuraba/Shin triangle in my head. Not unlike Eiji/Oishi/Tezuka in the sense where the 1st needs the 2nd who is inspired by the 3rd and I can't pull them apart.

I don't think I could do a Sena ship. He's too busy growing on the field to be growing in a relationship?

And well, Hiruma/Mamori of course.

Triangles are always good. But, oh man, I have BEST Shin/Sena dj around somewhere. Once I turn it up, I'll upload it for you.

Hiruma/Mamori of course

That's assumed. :)

Oh the drawings were beautiful.

And may there always be training love on the embankment. *sigh*

Reading bad Slam Dunk fic has made me think that the only proper rendering of that name is "Sendoh."

Hee! I think in the anime, the subs said "Sendoh" but on his trunks, it was "Sendo". And the scanlations use "Sendou". Or maybe the subs were "Sendo" but I was just used to "Sendoh" from SD.

Oh fandom. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.
Oh how I love that quote !
And are you surprised ? Surely not ? *Is all cynikle*

I am rarely if ever surprised by fandom. But sometimes it makes me sad.

That looks interesting! If I had faster internet, more space on my laptop, didn't require sleep and wasn't already into 90bajillion series I'd so get into it.

What's 90bajillion + 1? :D I read and watch so much more stuff than I ever post about. But this one does take a bit of a committment, at least the manga.

It's SO good.

Oh, now I'm really tempted even though I have One Piece and Gundam Seed staring at me and the rest of Kamen Rider Kabuto to download and Death Note to catch up on.

Watch me cave in about a week.

They look slashable to me.

Everybody is slashable to me. :D

Good Morning. ♥

I would pick the slashiest-looking panel of them. :) It's partly that the rivalry is SO intense that adding sex or romance into it would actually lessen the tension for me, so I just like them beating hell out of each other and loving it.

Good morning to you too. ♥

Your icon kills me dead.

I maintain that chubby Marui is the hottest thing in the Tenipuri universe. :D


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