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You can call me Hal.

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Decisions, decisions
I was getting all set to write up my spring_fluff (PoT) sign-up when I realised that remixredux (multi-fandom) is around the same time. I can do one, but I don't think I can do both. So now I'm like a donkey with two piles of hay.

I used to do way more challenges and fests all the time and some really great stories came out of that. But I also found that I lost some of my own stories, things I had in mind but had no time to write. And by the time I did, the moment had passed. On the other hand, I feel like I'm writing too much of the same stuff right now, so maybe it would be good for me to do both.

What would you do?

And to all of you who are jumping into Hikaru no Go, I would like you to keep this in mind as you think about writing fic: "Ogata/Ashiwara, NC17". There can never be too much of that.

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DO BOTH. Because I am. :)

Oh, fine. Just flip a coin -- odds are we're going to be assigned to write for either each other or Mousapelli in one of them anyway.

Ogata NC-17 ANYTHING is fine. Because Ogata is the best dirtywrongcrossgenallpairer this side of Sakaki. Or someone should write Ogata/Sakaki, though I fear for the outfits.


I knew you were going to say that. :) Watch me moan and complain about not having time and then cave in the end.

How about Ogata and Sakaki passing Atobe back and forth between them?

owie. tough call.

I know that I will not be signing up for spring_fluff... mainly due to time contraints and another because I found that I really dislike writing forced PoT fic. I was very unhappy with the results for smex, and it nearly gave me ulcers to write as I just felt little for it until the day it was written. Even then I wanted to delete. And this is not how I like exchange fics to go. I like to enjoy them, to have fun with them, to be ok with the outcome.

This is how it always worked in HP.

I think I may shuffle back to the Loveless fandom, where there were only 4 of us. Yeah. That sounds nifty.

or maybe I will write some d.grey man fic.

happy Saturday Hal. Is it time to hit the pubs yet?

I was pretty happy with my smex fic, but I really wish I'd had three more days with it. I learned, from yuletide, that I'm happier if I put good limits on what I'll write.

Oh, man, Loveless. I watched all the anime and I have five volumes of manga sitting on my hard drive. It freaked me the hell out, so I'm not sure if I'll do the manga eventually or not. I'm behind on D.Grey Man too, but that I'll catch up with.

How I wish we had spent the day at the pub! I could really just live there if they had wifi.

Oh yeah. your question.

do both. but I say this for purely selfish reasons.

You know, that Remix Redux thing sounds pretty interesting. I think I may sign up for it. I do know the feeling, though, about fic ideas whose moments pass and you just can't write them if you wait too long.

Yeah, one year I did somethign like 5 challenges in 4 months. Bad idea. But some good fic.

But I also found that I lost some of my own stories, things I had in mind but had no time to write.

I find the same thing is true for me. But at the same time I can't resist a fest/challenge/what have you.

I really have no advice. ...But seriously, do both. >.>

I'm starting to think I might be able to do both. I mean, how stressed out could I get? *g*

(Deleted comment)
Remix is more of a gamble, but maybe that's what I need right now. I'm being convinced, though, that I could probably do both without going insane, so.

(Deleted comment)
Hee! I am rarely bored. Deadlines are good for making myself sit down and churn stuff out, though, so that's to the good.

Why is Hikago only getting love recently? Oh well, I'm not complaining. As long as there is fic. :) Lots and lots of fic. Of any sort.

Hikago seems to cycle like that. Sadly, Slam Dunk does not. I don't write Hikigo at all (except for a few one-line things) and I only read the above-mentioned Ogata/Ashiwara. I don't know why, it's just not a fic fandom for me.

I was actually thinking of signing up for Spring_Fluff myself (I'm even old enough!) but I don't think there's really much room for fanartists there :/ obviously this means I wouldn't sign up for Remix either way. Um, I probably couldn't be more unhelpful if I tried *_*

...Ogata/anything kind of scares me.

Were there not that many people wanting art? I haven't looked closely enough.

Ogata should scare you. That's what makes him so hot. :)

You know, I honestly think you could do both, but you would probably get more out of redux.

I'd get more out of you writing fluff, but that's just me :p

I've done remix twice and one time it was fabulous and the other time it was kind of iffy. I think it has more potential both ways than fluff. Fluff seems safer.

Both. Oh, please, both. *wants your fic with a selfish, selfish desire*

*laugh* I'm starting to think I might be able to. Only if I'm all stressed out around the deadlines, I'm going to whine to you about it. :)

Hee -- I was contemplating whether or not to do remix this year, too (although I don't have an either/or situation like you do)!

"Ogata/Ashiwara, NC17". There can never be too much of that.


So everyone's jumping into HnG now? I sort of got a hint when moshes mentioned it a few days ago, but... hehehe. oh well.


If you stand over me with a whip and a leather corset, I might be more inspired to write. :D

Selfishly I'd say both, selfishly for you I'd say remix, for the same reason Cherub said. The fluff one doesn't have to be super-long though, which is a plus! *dangles s_f signups in front of you* I know you liked at least oneeeee :DDD

Hee! Yes, I'm still scheming how to word my request so I get assigned the one I want to write. :D

Oh crap, I completely forgot about the Remix sign-ups. Every year I want to do it, but end up putting it aside for Valensmut/Springsmut/etc. (this year it's their_white_day and the other two). I wanted to do spring_fluff, but there's no time. ):

Anyway, I added you. I think it's mostly because I rarely see any Kaidou!love and then I saw one of your icons. Yes. :D


Yes, there is much, much Kaidoh love Chez Hal. InuKai, MomoKai, a bit of FujiKai, plus just a lot of "I ♥ Kaidoh!" I'm a bit, er, focused. :D

You're doing three challenges this spring? Wow! I've had years like that, but I always got too stressed out. But I am thinking now I might be able to hack fluff and remix both.

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