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SPN: Hunted

I usually get all my SPN squee out in chat with kestrelsan but she thoughtlessly went away for the weekend.

First things first: McBeath!!! I think I missed that whole far-too-short scene because I was in shrieky happy oh-my-baby land. ♥ And Ash, oh my god. If I'm ever transported into SPN land, I'll be spending all my time in Ash's room in the roadhouse. We may call Frohike to join us.

Anyhow, the actual show. That was the lamest "big reveal" ever. Did we learn anything new? But I loved the camera angles in the opening scene, how the shots of Dean were all looking down, from Sam's eye-level. I was hoping to hear what I've thought ever since the pilot: that Sam was the one who killed his mother and Jess. Not consciously, but I think he was the one who did it, not the demon.

Dean and Ellen and their runaway kids. If the "Dean is mom" role wasn't clear enough already, that really nails it. And that's why he'll never be able to kill Sam either. Dad maybe, mom never.

Gordon is beyond awesome and I was sorry when it was clear he was going to have to be taken out of play in some way or other by the end of the episode. Here's my question: Is Sam calling the police on him better than out-right killing him? Not from a strategic point of view, but a moral one. Maybe I'm reading too much shounen manga, but it felt like a dirty trick while killing him would have given him an end that showed respect for him. (And wouldn't Gordon make a kick-ass shinigami?)

Sam -- I thought about this a lot during the epidemic episode -- Sam still thinks that he can do the job and keep a clear conscience. But Dean knows that they can't. Just doing what they have to do to keep people safe means doing things that are wrong. Dean knows they have to take that on themselves, Sam still believes they can save themselves. (And since it's North American TV, maybe Sam's right.)

And the farmboy's hair is finally looking tolerable. All in all, a great episode.

Hey, was there a new Stargate ep? I haven't been keeping track of the UK air schedule.
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