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You can call me Hal.

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Thngs of note. Or not.
I have my spring_fluff assignment and it is love. I already know which pairing I want to write and a vague idea of how they'll relate to each other. I just need to work out the gimmick and then a plot.

To my spring_fluff author: I'll say what I always say -- I'm not that picky. Think of the things I asked for as prompts to inspire you, not required elements. Don't make yourself crazy writing to spec. If the boys are in character and you're pleased with the story, that's all I ask.

Last week, I went to sleep plotting out an InuKai story. In the morning, I woke from a dream where Kaidoh was critiquing the story. I can't quite remember what he thought, but it wasn't completely negative, which surprised me. Frankly, I think he hates me for writing all this slash about him. I think he'd really rather be left alone to play tennis. Inui's probably grateful, though. I had another fannish dream, years ago, where Jonathan from Buffy asked me to beta his Han/Luke fic. Ever since, I've wondered what the story would have been like.

I'm re-reading Guns, Germs, and Steel. Besides being an excellent book that I think everyone should read, it's also useful if you want to meet hot chicks. Seriously, when I read that book in public places, people come up and talk to me about it. And I'm pretty much the least approachable person ever, next to Snape. I have this field. My partner calls it the {Hal's real name} Field. I call it the Fuck Off Field. It keeps people from sitting next to me on the bus or asking me for the time and other stuff like that. One night, he and I were coming home from a concert on the bus. (We don't own a car.) This flakey girl got on and started asking people if they had a phone she could borrow. I was sitting on the aisle and she walked right past me to talk to the person behind me. It's great. The only things that seem to break it down are that book and my Elvis t-shirt.

I had a square of dark, dark chocolate with my coffee. 80% cocoa (or whatever the percentage refers to). I'd like to get some that's even darker and less sweet, though. Something like a chocolate black hole that you fall into, never to return. What's your favourite chocolate?

It's Friday, so here's some Johnny Cash: Mean Eyed Cat.

And, of course, I like cheese.

eta: On our way to a games night.

Boy: I decided not to bring the Mexican wrestler game because it mocks Mexican wrestlers.

Hal: Do I have time to edit my LJ post before we go?

A well developed "fuck off" field is an important thing for an urban girl to have. :)

Grin. My Johnny Cash for the day was "One."

And my favorite chocolate comes from Green and Black's. It used to be the Maya Gold (with orange and cinnamon), but now it's the currant hazelnut dark chocolate.

Fridays are Cash days. Ooh, those both sound good.

I am replying to this post solely so that I can use this icon to do so.

Favorite chocolate? I don't have a specific favorite but I adore anything dark.

I don't think I've ever dreamed about characters critting fanfics or writing them or anything. Sounds amusing.

The fannish meta dreams are the most fun. Also, the ones with Inui. :)

I have a field like yours. Except it's in reverse. Sort of a Come Approach Me Vortex, if you will. I have people sit next to me in buses when there are rows of empty seats elsewhere. I'm the person people ask if I'm done reading the newspaper or not. I chat to people in bank queues. But I like people, so it's not a big deal. And I'm rarely out after dark.

I like rich creamy chocolate. Actually, I'll pretty much take any kind of chocolate I can get. I think I ate a quarter of a full size chocolate tart yesterday that was made with double cream, butter, sugar and a heckload of chocolate. But if I really had to choose, I like my chocolate with berries. And then a bit of cheese :) What's your favourite cheese?

Holy carp, I have that same force field. What is that about, anyway?

Domori Puro, 100% cocoa. I used to buy it when I lived in San Francisco. Domori's other chocolates are wonderful, too, but Puro is the chocolatey-est chocolate that ever chocolated.

Oh, that looks amazing!

...I want a Fuck Off Field. ;_;

My favorite chocolate is Vosges' Red Fire bar, or their Black Pearl bar. Mmmmmm, yumness.

Red Fire sounds interesting!

I like just about any brand of Belgian milk chocolate. My newest obsession, though, is this dark chocolate/coffee bean fusion that induces an almost immediate orgasm upon taking the first bite.

I don't have a fuck off field - I make friends in line at the grocery store.

Also, whenever I eat cheese, I have to brush my teeth straight away.

dark chocolate with espresso is love.

also with green tea. It is odd at first but highly addictive. I feel the need to send you organic chocolate now.

I too have the field. My best mates call me Angry (a pun on my first name and my maiden name, which was Jolley) and think it is funny to go out for drinks and watch people avoid me like I have leprosy.

Even people I know from being around town avoid me unless one of the mates is with me to form a protective barrier.

It may have something to do with the slouched shoudlers and perpetual scowl.

My favorite chocolate is Dagoba Dark Organic Chocolate with Lavender.

I just bought new lotion at Wild Oats to try and alleviate my pissy mood. It smells like cantelope and cucumbers and I have been applying it to my hair. Don't ask.

I don't scowl as such, but the resting state of my face isn't very warm. *g*

The chocolate sounds good but makes me think of Yoda. Cucumber is good. Especially with white vinegar and salt.

Also, I like my chocolate as dark as I can get it, and often with strange things in -- like lavender and blueberries (or just lavender would be good but I have not seen that), or lemon and pepper (I got it at TARGET, wtf).


If you have a local Whole Foods or Wild Oats, they usually carry this brand of chocolate.

I am going to go to Borders and try the Guns, Germs, and Steel trick! Somehow hot people never come to chat me up when I am reading fluffy shoujo there, woe. (Maybe it is my own field at work, although it might have something to be with being tall and looming and avoiding eye contact.)

I love dark chocolate with almonds and/or caramel, the milk chocolate I got with hazelnuts in Ireland, all the other chocolates I got in Ireland, and the Dagoba chocolate bars I get at the farmer's market: especially dark with lavender & blueberries (bitter, fruity, musky all at once), milk with ginger and chai (exploding crunchy mouth spices), and dark with lime & macadamia nuts (creamy smooth mouthgasm). All of which go wonderfully with cheese.

It works best in pubs and coffee shops, also on the bus. I read in public a lot and this never happens with other books.

All the chocolate sounds soooooo good. I'm going to have to do some shopping around soon.

I need to improve my Fuck Off Field, it's more of a half-arsed Fuck Off Unless You're A Creepy Single Guy Field at the moment. Unfortunately the only innate ability I have like this is to be completely ignored every time I try entering a conversation about a fannish thing I'm actually interested in. It's probably divine punishment for that thing I said in a anime and gender panel at a con ones. Maybe next time it happens I'll amuse myself by seeing how long I can get away with talking about my favourite slash pairings in whatever they're discussing until somoene hears me. XD

My favourite chocolate is Lindor. The dark chocolate ones are very nice, though probably not the cocoa apocalypse you were hoping for, but my favourite flavours are white and peppermint. I'm a heathen like that.

I don't know how to improve the field -- it just seems to work for me. That's weird about the fannish convo stuff.

The one I usually get is the Excellence 85%. I had some 75% but it was just too sweet.

Whenever I read your posts, I have this terrible want to binge on choc n cheese. *Restraining myself atta mo'*


Hee! I was out tonight and ended up eating so much cheese I'll have to starve myself for two days to make up for it. But it was so good.

My favorite chocolate is white chocolate, and I just got Guns, Germs, and Steel for Christmas! I've been so excited to read and hearing this rec makes me think I should start tonight! Thank you!

I had some white-chocolate-related childhood distress and I've never really liked it since. The book is really excellent and it gave me several O moments. You know the ones, where you're reading something and you get an amazing insight and your mouth drops open and you say, "Oh!" Seriously, if I could make everyone read just one book, this would be the one.

Valhrona. :D:D 70% dark. :D :D
and I'm getting the field back again. I was getting slack and soft, living in a town where people smiled at each other and said " Excuse me"

I try to turn the field off if I'm out walking early in the morning so I can say hello to all the old ladies out too. People here can be nice or a little rude, but overall pretty good. My favourite thing is that most everybody thanks the bus driver when they get off the bus. I don't know why, but that always makes me happy. Especially if nobody is sitting next to me. :D