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Thngs of note. Or not.

I have my spring_fluff assignment and it is love. I already know which pairing I want to write and a vague idea of how they'll relate to each other. I just need to work out the gimmick and then a plot.

To my spring_fluff author: I'll say what I always say -- I'm not that picky. Think of the things I asked for as prompts to inspire you, not required elements. Don't make yourself crazy writing to spec. If the boys are in character and you're pleased with the story, that's all I ask.

Last week, I went to sleep plotting out an InuKai story. In the morning, I woke from a dream where Kaidoh was critiquing the story. I can't quite remember what he thought, but it wasn't completely negative, which surprised me. Frankly, I think he hates me for writing all this slash about him. I think he'd really rather be left alone to play tennis. Inui's probably grateful, though. I had another fannish dream, years ago, where Jonathan from Buffy asked me to beta his Han/Luke fic. Ever since, I've wondered what the story would have been like.

I'm re-reading Guns, Germs, and Steel. Besides being an excellent book that I think everyone should read, it's also useful if you want to meet hot chicks. Seriously, when I read that book in public places, people come up and talk to me about it. And I'm pretty much the least approachable person ever, next to Snape. I have this field. My partner calls it the {Hal's real name} Field. I call it the Fuck Off Field. It keeps people from sitting next to me on the bus or asking me for the time and other stuff like that. One night, he and I were coming home from a concert on the bus. (We don't own a car.) This flakey girl got on and started asking people if they had a phone she could borrow. I was sitting on the aisle and she walked right past me to talk to the person behind me. It's great. The only things that seem to break it down are that book and my Elvis t-shirt.

I had a square of dark, dark chocolate with my coffee. 80% cocoa (or whatever the percentage refers to). I'd like to get some that's even darker and less sweet, though. Something like a chocolate black hole that you fall into, never to return. What's your favourite chocolate?

It's Friday, so here's some Johnny Cash: Mean Eyed Cat.

And, of course, I like cheese.

eta: On our way to a games night.

Boy: I decided not to bring the Mexican wrestler game because it mocks Mexican wrestlers.

Hal: Do I have time to edit my LJ post before we go?
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