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You can call me Hal.

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Not enough love in all the world.
tennis girls

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Oooh, pretty. *____*

This is old-school anime, yes? I have just finished downloading the jdrama. I have heard it shall be wonderful.

It is, and yes, it will! I love, love, love my tennis girls!

Oh God, I knowww. I don't think I can handle it!

I think you should write up a proper pimping post, one of these days. :) And then write Hiromi/Maki. At a sleepover. Where they cuddle their Ryoma plushies and watch Prince of Tennis.

Also, I had something thinkier to say, about this blog I found somewhere that talked about Hiromi's girlcrush in the anime. I will have to dig that up; it was really interesting.

Found it! There might be mild spoilery things for the anime OVA? The anime post is the third one on the page. :)

I used to watch that when I was a kid.
Madame Butterfly had Tsubasa (from Captain Tsubasa)'s voice in Spanish. But I never got hooked to "Golden Racket" (as it was called in my country). I have always hated tennis. Since we had a wide range of choice in sports at that time (1990-), I went for the volleyball series instead. There was one that was as old as this one!

I want to see every sports series ever. I'm still trying to get Captain Tsubasa -- I don't see how I can call myself a shounen sports fan without it.

THAT LOOKS SO FAMILIAR. wow. (Also, in this whole time you and Garland have been talking about this show, I somehow thought it was live action and not an anime.)

The anime is from the 80s, I think. (The manga was 70s vintage.) The live action is a lot more recent. You should see them both.


EXACTLY. When I was watching the live action for the first time -- fall of 2005, I think -- I would pace around my apartment after some of the eps, thinking about Tezuka and Ryoma. I got SO much insight from this show. Plus, it's just the most awesome thing on its own.

You have tennis *girls* now?

I heartily approve. (:

There are a few girls sports series that I follow. And I'm always looking for more.

WAAAAH! I am crying! The lovey disk you sent me doesn't work -- do I need a special codec for it? I want to see tennis girls! In lavender! Eating hamburgers and saying 'boku'!

Can you not read the disk? Or can you see the files but not play them? I sent you the live-action, so I think there's less lavendar. But still cool, cool girls.

Pretty ^___^

In the 70's? Well, I wonder if the girls had any children...

What is this? TezuRyou genderfuck in 60s shoujo?

70s, but, yeah. :) The girl in the purple is Ryuzaki Reika, my tennis girlfriend forever.

YES. ♥

I need to finish watching th j-drama.

You really do -- it is love.

Now you make me regret to actually have given the DVDs to a friend X3

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