Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Mini-hiatus. Back January 24.

Ten days LJ hiatus hardly seems worth mentioning, but there it is. This has nothing to do with anything going on in fandom; I wanted to do this earlier, but had some fannish deadlines first. I love LJ, I love you guys, but I'm not managing my time very well right now and I need to focus on some big jobs for work and also some fannish projects.

What I will NOT be doing:
* reading LJ
* commenting
* replying to most comments (I think I'm caught up right now)
* randomly logging onto IM

What I WILL be doing:
* working
* reading books
* reading Vox
* writing some InuKai (I'm worried people are starting to think MomoKai is my OTP!)
* fleshing out the campaign I said I'd DM in February
* meeting for scheduled IM chats
* watching the promo for the new Kamen Rider over and over

So not a fandom hiatus as such, just LJ. If you want to get hold of me, and please do feel free, either comment here or email me. I hope I can make it -- I'm already starting to stress over missing out on stuff!

Tags: at least i'll still have beer
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