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You can call me Hal.

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Back from hiatus
You probably didn't even notice I was gone. :)

I'm reading LJ now but haven't gone back further than 30 entries, so feel free to alert me if I missed something super-cool and I'll track it down. I did get a lot done while I was "away" but, of course, not as much as I'd hoped. I did finish reading all 17 years of Hajime no Ippo and also re-read Slam Dunk.

On the InuKai side of things, I worked on a short funny piece you should see within a few days and a long (well, it will be long if I get anywhere with it) difficult piece that will probably kill me before I'm done. God knows when you'll see that one.

I did a lot of reading and hanging out at the pub and playing D&D. Ate a lot of cheese. Got a bunch of work done. Watched a lot of Kabuto. (One episode left!) Kept thinking of LJ posts I wanted to make. Of course I've forgotten them all now.

It was a good holiday. But I'm glad to be back. I missed you guys. ♥

Welcome back. :)

I did finish reading all 17 years of Hajime no Ippo and also re-read Slam Dunk.
Slam Dunk is THE best sports manga in history. I missed ogling Mitsui so much. :D

Slam Dunk is king, no doubt about it. This time through, my favourite thing was how the relationship between Sakuragi and Akagi developed. So sweet, like Sakuragi is Akagi's little brother. But I also enjoyed ogling Mitsui. ♥

Welcome back! It sounds like you had a lovely break.

And happy birthday to you! ♥

Welcome back. ♥

I scanned an Atobe/Momo doujinshi you might be interested in. It's very gen (which I personally love), but there's a lovely three-paged Momo/Kaidoh (also very gen... And very them.) thing at the end that may interest you. ♥

Ooh, thanks for linking me! Gen is lovely. I can't wait to read it. :)

I am still only up to ep 36 of Kabuto. I fail!

At least you're not reloading the TV Nihon page every two minutes, looking for the last sub. *is pathetic*

Aw. :) And I went back to read your Rifftrax post. I'm so envious!

You were on hiatus?

Have given up on all things Japanese for the love of hearing Gareth David-Lloyd curse in his lovely Welsh accent.

I need to send you smoked beer. Wonder what the import laws are on that? Hmmmmm.

Hardly seems like it, doesn't it?

I so do not blame you. Such a sweet boy.

How is it smoked? No idea about imports/shipping. Hmm. We could do a trade. Only my favourite local beer is unpasteurized so I'd have to send my second favourite.

Yay, you're back! Pray accept some Inui/Tezuka pr0n in your honor.

I already had it open in a tab! And now I'm going to read it. :)

I noticed! *flails* welcome back! I've dled all the new kabutos but haven't watched them yet. I did watch almost all the Akihabara@Deeps though, i only have 10 and 11 yet to go. And I've been watching a shitload of tennis every single day.

blind_go reveals are up? I can't remember whether you were around for that or not. And Kyou Kara Maou finished getting subbed :( I can't believe it's over!

I missed you! *flails back* OMG Kabuto! When you watch them tell me. I will flop around helplessly and laugh and cry.

Dunno about blind_go -- I'm not a reader or write of the go-fic, so I wasn't following. I haven't finished watching KKM yet, but I have all the eps. Maybe this weekend. I think I have four or five to go yet. I kept getting confused about what was happening since it was so long between releases that I decided to just wait and watch the rest in a bunch.

Good to see you back! I'm glad that your hiatus was restful. :)

Thank you! It was a needed break.

Oh wow that was a long holiday! Just to say that it's Ryu, I'm shifting things a little bit, and I've added you to the rl journal to keep up a bit better. ^^

I didn't go anywhere, but it was a good break. :) And thanks for the heads-up! :)

Pfft, we noticed. At least I can vouch that Mousapelli isn't lying when she says she noticed.

I wrote akihabara@deep fic! That's interesting, right?

Was it like when Anzai-sensei is in the hospital and Mitsui brings his photo to the game bench?

Very interesting! I have it open in a tab to reward myself with later. :)


The most important thing is you had lots of cheese! :D

glad you're back

Thanks, honey. :) I had quite a bit of cheese. And more today.