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Genius 332

Download the raw: Genius 332

I'll have to read someone's write-up before I know what's going on. Except for this: athena8's writeup. Some strongly worded ETA under the cut.

So, is Inui holding his racquet in his left hand just for the sake of composition? In image 7, he's using the right again but so is Tezuka. (They're not playing, though, just standing around.)

I'm not sure I want to see a battle of the glowy people during a doubles match if not all the members are glowy. And that's all the insightful commentary I have time for.

ETA: Jesus fucking christ. Months, fucking months of anticipation for this doubles pairing and it's going to be a de facto singles match? Am I wrong to be so fucking upset right now? And I am. More than I thought I would ever be over this series. Not because something happened that I don't like, but because something that I really, really, REALLY wanted to see was promised and then taken away. Fuck.

ETA 2: Possibly I am overreacting. :) But does this mean Tezuka will lose to Chitose? Cause if we don't get to see Ryoma vs Kintarou, I'll be disappointed. Not, you know, filled with fury like I am right now, but disappointed.

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