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You can call me Hal.

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Genius 332
inui manga
Download the raw: Genius 332

I'll have to read someone's write-up before I know what's going on. Except for this: athena8's writeup. Some strongly worded ETA under the cut.

So, is Inui holding his racquet in his left hand just for the sake of composition? In image 7, he's using the right again but so is Tezuka. (They're not playing, though, just standing around.)

I'm not sure I want to see a battle of the glowy people during a doubles match if not all the members are glowy. And that's all the insightful commentary I have time for.

ETA: Jesus fucking christ. Months, fucking months of anticipation for this doubles pairing and it's going to be a de facto singles match? Am I wrong to be so fucking upset right now? And I am. More than I thought I would ever be over this series. Not because something happened that I don't like, but because something that I really, really, REALLY wanted to see was promised and then taken away. Fuck.

ETA 2: Possibly I am overreacting. :) But does this mean Tezuka will lose to Chitose? Cause if we don't get to see Ryoma vs Kintarou, I'll be disappointed. Not, you know, filled with fury like I am right now, but disappointed.


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What the frell is wrong with Inui's head in that frame?

Hm. I think the raquet holidng is compositional.

Is his head weird? It always looks weird to me so I didn't notice.

It is. Roughly 1/3 the mass of his shoulder.

Thanks for the download link! ♥

Can't wait to see them play! :D Even if they won't be winning.

I can't wait either! I hope Inui has some cool strategies to use. And that we get some ichinen flashback action about the two of them.

It's for artistic purposes. It would look off, aesthetically, for Inui to have the racket in his right hand and not shown.

Much like Baba Tooru's photoset, with him having the racket in his left hand. Purely artistic.

(And thanks for the upload, Hal! &hearts )

Plus this way, Inui's right hand is free to grope Tezuka's ass. :)

Just coming in to wish you a happy birthday and hope it's a wonderful day for you!

Thank you so much! I have some fun things planned. :)

thawrecka just mentioned that they might have to play all 5 matches regardless, because it's Nationals.

So maybe InuTez will win.

Which means that Inui will come save the day.

I thought that was just in the first round, like all the other tournaments. Is it different?

Maybe Inui will save the day by rewriting the manga while Konomi isn't looking.

Yeah that's what I thought too. So I have asked tenipuri but no one's giving me definite answers.

Inui has *got* to have something planned. Or maybe Konomi is just an InuKai shipper.

Oh christ, boy do I feel your disappointment. Who the hell is Chitose anyway!? I really wish that Konomi would actually explore the potential he sets up... god how Tezuka & Inui mind-battles would have been incredible. I wonder if Inui would have let Tezuka take the reins. <3

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