Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

In my life

Updating less often since I can't seem to shake the damn headaches.


Amazing Spider-Man continues to make me smile and smile. Spidey and Lamont (Detective Lamont? Lieutenant Lamont?) are so bantery and flirty that I'd slash them if I weren't already so invested in Petey and MJ. *sniffles from happiness* I can only think that JMS is going to rip my heart out with something soon, cause there's no way Peter Parker can be happy for very long.


I spent some time yesterday browsing through Trevor Brown's site. I find his work creepy and compelling. I keep turning away from it and then coming back to it. Bloodsucker is my favourite piece.


I am writing, or rather preparing to write, some fic. I'm in the stage where I'm researching and outlining and discussing and lining up music and such. The stage where what I thought was a simple story idea begins to grow to where the scope begins to frighten me. So, this could take a while. *g*


kormantic accuses me, eliade and kestrelsan of sekrit meetings to drink tea and eat crackers behind her back. All I can tell you, kormantic, is no matter how paranoid you are, you're not paranoid enough.

Also, cesperanza, if living in a country where same-sex marriages are legal and we're moving towards decriminalization of marijuana makes me a pinko-commie, so be it. :)


Pirates soon! Maybe I'll even go tonight.

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