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You can call me Hal.

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PoT OVA 10 & 11 raws
inukai glance
No matter how many other things I'm watching and reading, nothing makes me flail like Prince of Tennis. So. Much. Love.

I think my favourite part is the new OP! Tomoka & Sakuno are so cute that there should be sweet, sweet fic about them yesterday. And the first-years doing racquet swings! And Arai & Ikeda! And Momo and Kaidoh glaring at each other and Eiji and Inui fooling around and the full-team poses and and and.

InuKai doubles == 100% . When they banged their fists together after the game, I flailed so hard that I left my physical body and became an energy being. (I can still use the powers of my mind to post.) And bonus Taki for people who stalk Kiyasu (me) and people who just like Taki (everybody else).

Big Important Question: How are they harmonizing Tezuka's Kyuushuu visit with anime canon? I couldn't figure it out. Or are we far and away in some bizarre hybrid canon now?

Tezuka and Tachibana! trinityhelix, I thought of you immediately. God, I wish that scene had been longer.

I'm still not wild about Tezuka vs Kabaji, but Miyuki! She and Tezuka aren't quite Gon and Daisuke, but très cool just the same. I think Tezuka's disrobing scene was sexier in the manga, but to see him with a sleeveless shirt on! Wow.

But the best part of all: Oishi. Oishi and Tezuka, Oishi and Eiji, Oishi yelling courtside, Oishi practising in the rain. Oh, sweetie. Everyone give Oishi a hug, k? Looks like some flashbacks next time! And when are we going to get the vegetable soup? Does it really exist?


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I had to pause at the end of the OP, and watch it all again, it was that good. The song was totally naff, but OMG, it was like a dream come true.

The fist bopping! OMG. THEY'RE LIKE THAT NOW. ♥ x 100000

I still love Momo's psychic insight thingo. Anytime that Momo grows up a bit is a good thing. Would explain how he gets along so well with people too.

I watched the OP twice in a row too. I want to squeeze Sakuno too! And everyone else.

Inui and Kaidoh seem so comfortable together now. This makes me smile and smile. And smile. And think about OMG way too much fic to write.

I agree re Momo. I love what he's becoming.

*flailing all over again*

I flailed so hard that I left my physical body and became an energy being.

heh, I wish that would happen to me more often, I have to catch up on my episodes.

Yeah, it's handy. Only I haven't figured out how to drink beer in this state.

betcha Inui would know how to handle that, but then you would have to drink one of his juices in that state ...

I'm not sure I'm willing to take that risk!

I... haven't watched any of the new episodes since Episode 5 subbed. *HAS BEEN WAITING FOR THIS DAMNIT* I will break down and cry. I need this so much, though I should probably wait for the subs to really understand. God, temptation. *paws*


It was low-key but nice. :) They just fit so well together now. ♥

God, I'm still waiting for Episode 11 to finish downloading so I cna watch them together. They sound so awesome, I think I'm gonna die. JDLALA;LALA;JDK PREPARING TO FLAIL.

I can't even type properly anymore. *fails*

Waah! Me, too! I've got 10 DLing from Sendspace, 11 DLing from Megaupload, and WAAAH! It's taking WAY TOO LONG! :-S *wibble*

Be strong! (31% on 11 for me....god, I can't wait....*_____*)

Crap! 11 finished before 10, just now, and I'm only at 22% on 10! *CHOMPS AT BIT*

I hope you have them by now!

I just finished watching them... WOW I am blown away. That Miyuki -- is that a girl or a boy? I'm wibbling over Oishi and D1, and I wonder like anything what Oishi shouted to Tezuka while he was playing and what Ryuzaki-sensei said to Oishi when she said "Buchou no buchou wa tetani-something-something-something" Oh, and that finish? I envision a new prime-time drama: Hyotei Nights.

OH! Oh, oh. And what are Tez & Ryuzaki talking about in the clubhouse???

Miyuki is a girl! She knows Chitose in some way, and may or may not be his little sister (I personally don't believe she is). I think Oishi was afraid of Tezuka hurting himself again returning Kabaji's shot, and Ryuzaki said something wise and Tezuka-will-be-fine-ish. Ryuzaki is so mellow that I think she's been getting Konomi's drugs, or maybe it's just all the Botox she's had to impress Sakaki.

I think Tezuka and Ryuzaki were discussing who to pair for D1 and perhaps Oishi's general readiness, though why they didn't have this planned out already is beyond me. I think in the manga that scene takes place the day before any of the Hyotei matches starts, and had it not been raining as Oishi practiced I would have written it off as flashback, but now I have no idea. Anyway, it doesn't matter because Tezuka perving on the Golden Pair is always okay by me. :D

They were great, just so much fun! I love my show so much!

She and Tezuka aren't quite Gon and Daisuke,
*dies and dies*

okay, i really need to catch up with these. I think the last one i watched was 5? i can't even remember. I'm so far behind on everything.

That line was just for you. :)

There was IK FISTBOPPING. How can you not?

I'm behind on everything else. But never PoT.

mmmm inukai.

I got behind because the raws were that stupid wmv9, and the subs were the mp4 that my computer gets grumpy about, so then i was waiting for people to re-rip it to xvid, and then I just sort of lost a lot of ground. What's the subbing up to now, 7? 8?

The latest VLC player can play wmv9!!! And MPlayer worked well for the mp4s. I think they're all subbed up to 9, but I can't quite recall.

*snorfles at your icon*

ooh! I just updated my VLC in the hopes that it would fix the mp4 problem, so maybe it'll do that too. My mplayer sort of plays the mp4s, but it's all hurky and weird unless i've just that instant restarted my computer and have nothing else running.

Uungh, i need to take a day off where i do nothing but watching anime.

omg new theeeeeeeme. I just watched that first part, but i was making "EEEE" noises the whole way through. omg ichinen. *craves more ichinen interaction*

And Eiji with Inui's clipboard! AMAZING. god bless you, PoT, with all your crazy crazy fanservice.

(Deleted comment)
It was so great! The series needs way more Tachibana.

Clearly this calls for long distance phone sex.

Just email me your number...

I am late in commenting, because when you posted this I hadn't watched the episodes, and then after I watched them I forgot to come back. :D

But the best part of all: Oishi.

With one exception, Oishi is always the best part of everything that he's in. ♥

That part with Tezuka and the little girl made me like Tezuka more than I ever have in anything canon. (I'm not counting the live-action movie as canon. :D) I want her to move to Tokyo and show up randomly to bug Tezuka. And she would be the only person he showed real, unguarded emotion to, and everyone would be conflicted as to whether they were jealous or just in awe.

And I know you didn't mention episode 9 in this post, but I watched it with 10 and 11, and I just have to say that Momo's newfound psychic-nature-powers amuse me greatly :D I was wondering and wondering why Kaidoh didn't say a word during the match, though (although he did get suitably worried-looking when Momo was all bloody), until afterwards. Inui told Momo it was a good match, and adds, "Thanks to you..." and then you see Kaidoh. ♥ Didn't catch the rest of what he said, but I assume it had something to do with inspiration and whatnot~

Ahhh, and the new opening is awesome, I must agree. The song because it has Oishi, and the opening itself because it's kind of...the whole series in 2 minutes :D And Seigaku is friendly with each other, and that always makes me happy. ♥

Also, I am looking forward to the next episode so much it's not even funny. :D

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