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PoT OVA 10 & 11 raws

No matter how many other things I'm watching and reading, nothing makes me flail like Prince of Tennis. So. Much. Love.

I think my favourite part is the new OP! Tomoka & Sakuno are so cute that there should be sweet, sweet fic about them yesterday. And the first-years doing racquet swings! And Arai & Ikeda! And Momo and Kaidoh glaring at each other and Eiji and Inui fooling around and the full-team poses and and and.

InuKai doubles == 100% . When they banged their fists together after the game, I flailed so hard that I left my physical body and became an energy being. (I can still use the powers of my mind to post.) And bonus Taki for people who stalk Kiyasu (me) and people who just like Taki (everybody else).

Big Important Question: How are they harmonizing Tezuka's Kyuushuu visit with anime canon? I couldn't figure it out. Or are we far and away in some bizarre hybrid canon now?

Tezuka and Tachibana! trinityhelix, I thought of you immediately. God, I wish that scene had been longer.

I'm still not wild about Tezuka vs Kabaji, but Miyuki! She and Tezuka aren't quite Gon and Daisuke, but très cool just the same. I think Tezuka's disrobing scene was sexier in the manga, but to see him with a sleeveless shirt on! Wow.

But the best part of all: Oishi. Oishi and Tezuka, Oishi and Eiji, Oishi yelling courtside, Oishi practising in the rain. Oh, sweetie. Everyone give Oishi a hug, k? Looks like some flashbacks next time! And when are we going to get the vegetable soup? Does it really exist?

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