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You can call me Hal.

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(no subject)
All I seem to be good for is watching South Park and going "eeeee!" whenever Butters is standing next to Cartman.

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...That is a truly outstanding icon. I had to say it. (Also, Cartman is who I'd be if I didn't, you know, have any care for social graces.)

I had to stop the episode to make that one. :D I don't know who I'd be on SP. Probably Wendy. :(

You know I keep seeing that Cartman Is Dead episode and when Cartman goes, "Come on, Butters. This psychic boy and his ghost pal are going to save the day," I always think of you.

And then I cry. Big, sad tears.

That episode truly does prove their love. ♥

You know who else I ship? Nelson and Martin.

Hark to the tale of Nelson,
and the boy he loved so dear.
They remained the best of friends
For years and years and years.

They did go to the Wigosphere together. Maybe Martin can learn to love Andy Williams...

You're really good at making me cry. I feel like Tezuka. :|

Am I a freak for shipping Kenny and Mr. Hankey?

Kind of, but I knew that already. :D :D :D

Heh. I'm imagining you becoming like, really serious and academic about this, with a Butters/Cartman manifesto and annotated caps and icons saying 'I will go down on this ship'.

It could yet happen! They have already moved from joke ship to real ship.

I scare myself.

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