Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Genius 333 & 219th Down

Might as well JUMP!

PoT Genius 333 raw

Tezuka and Chitose are looking fine, fine, fine. And playing really well. I hope we get to see this game animated. ♥ Atobe's hair looks fabulous. Too bad about the rest of him. But my attention was all taken up Inui and his new girlfriend.

That's the uke sweatdrop, right there. What's this guy's name again? Zaizen! There should be slash, like, yesterday. Oh, Inui, you pwn all.

ES21 219th Down raw

Okay, Inui, you pwn all except for Shin. Because. My god.

And this, folks, is why it's so hard to slash rival pairs. :(

This game is fucking killing me. Can't both sides win? And Sena, I almost started to cry too.

Shin, you are pure and noble and hot and true. Will you be the guy I'm secretly in love with while I'm dating Inui?
Tags: es21, tenipuri
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