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You can call me Hal.

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Genius 333 & 219th Down
Might as well JUMP!

PoT Genius 333 raw

Tezuka and Chitose are looking fine, fine, fine. And playing really well. I hope we get to see this game animated. ♥ Atobe's hair looks fabulous. Too bad about the rest of him. But my attention was all taken up Inui and his new girlfriend.

That's the uke sweatdrop, right there. What's this guy's name again? Zaizen! There should be slash, like, yesterday. Oh, Inui, you pwn all.

ES21 219th Down raw

Okay, Inui, you pwn all except for Shin. Because. My god.

And this, folks, is why it's so hard to slash rival pairs. :(

This game is fucking killing me. Can't both sides win? And Sena, I almost started to cry too.

Shin, you are pure and noble and hot and true. Will you be the guy I'm secretly in love with while I'm dating Inui?
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These almost made me feel better today.


Especially the Inui part.

I can't believe how sexy that panel is. Seriously, that's the dawning realisation that his ass is Inui's and there's nothing he can do about it.

I hope you feel happier soon, sweetie. *hugs*

It's also the way that Inui talks. He's just flat out 'You should stop. We shouldn't enter their match.' Just so cool and calm and authoratitive and it makes me wonder what Inui knows about Tezuka.

Thanks :)

I'm sure that what Inui doesn't know about Tezuka isn't worth knowing. *sigh*

Thanks for the extra info! I didn't know what they were talking about. God, just so. so. so. Yes, I'm very articulate.

Also, his name is Zaizen. :)

There are no words. *flail*



Poor Zaizen-kun. *worries for him but is THRILLED to see him a) play and b)a leftie*

Tezuka looks like he put on some weight. And Chitose's bf showed up.

As did :D :D :D :D

(Kabaji's hair killed me dead)


Always welcome. :) Is there any more I should know about Zaizen before Inui pushes him up against the wall and licks his ear?

The other day, someone I've known for more than 10 years expressed surprise that I was not left-handed. Apparently, I seem like a lefty. Somehow. (I'm hoping that means I'm cool.)

Tezkua looks good like that. God, I wish Atobe did. His hair is lovely, but he's so badly drawn! Maybe Konomi actually died months ago and his assistants have hidden the body and are finishing up all the manga as though he were still alive.

I am not a lefty, but the fact most of Shitenhoji seems to be makes me squee.

Zaizen...hm, he's a bitchy little fellow? Who is disgusted by overt shows of gayness? Inui is probably aware of this already, though. Poor guy.

I agree about Atobe. The angle of that panel was just....not cool, Konomi. It was like...Shishido on steroids, or something. Not Atobe. ;)

How many lefties so far? I haven't been keeping track at all.

The earring and the hair are filling me with love! I'm sure Inui will confine any shows of gayness to locked rooms and dark corners.

Atobe is never going to let himself get bulked up.

*hem hem*

Chitose, Kura, Koharu (or Yuuji, one of them), Kaizen and I think there was at least one more, too....am too lazy to check FET *fails*

But regardless, it's an unusually high number when most of the teams have 1, maybe 2 lefties. Rikkai has one, Seigaku has two, Hyoutei has...one. St Ru has 1 (unless there's some one else besides Yuuta)...;)

Wow, that's a huge number. Even in a large school, that would be unusual. Maybe they recruited for that, sucked people out of other sports clubs and such.

He is clearly disgusted because deep down he knows he's a weepy uke and tries to appear macho to his teammates. Who laugh at him because they all know.

...I like Shitenhoji a lot, have I mentioned? I want their matches to finish so I can feel better about writing them.

Well, anybody looks like a weepy uke when Inui is around. :D

Aw, but especially Tezuka. ♥

I hope this doesn't have an adverse effect on Tezuka's game! But he must already know that Inui has any number of ukes to take care of and that nobody can replace Tezuka as the weepiest of them all.

Is there any more I should know about Zaizen before Inui pushes him up against the wall and licks his ear?

Well, I can't really stop myself from mentioning that in the OVA he's going to be voiced by Araki Hirofumi, who (besides being my biggest and most embaressingly fangirlish idol crush ever) also played Inui in the musicals. Meaning that as far as I'm concerned this pairing is really Inui/Inui :D

Also, he's has five earrings and two wrist bands on his arm. How stylish! I could not be more okay with this guy if I tried.

Araki was Inui in the movie too, right? He's a cutie.

my biggest and most embaressingly fangirlish idol crush ever

That's like me and Donny Osmond.

Five earrings, eh? Maybe he's pierced in a few other places as well...

Yup ^_^ Incidentally Araki is never seen without at least six or seven earrings dangling off him. I'm having a little bit of a problem seperating him from the character here...

Hee! He seems a better fit with Zaizen then Inui.

Eeeee, thanks!

And ahahaha. Zaizen cannot possibly be straight with hair that complicated.

Hee! I love his pretty earrings. :)

Oh Shin... @___@ And then seeing a drenched Kakei completed my day. He is so Shin as a human being...

Though I can't help but get this sinking feeling that there's some catch to his speed of light. As torn apart as I am for both teams, can you imagine how happy Hiruma, Kurita, and Musashi will be at the Christmas bowl? That would be so priceless...

On a random note... Kaidoh slipped to 17th most popular? This makes me sad :( (Momo's winning!)

I didn't really read the popularity thing too closely. But Kaidoh is always #1 with me. ♥

I'm sure things will turn and turn and turn around again before it's done. I haven't read a write-up on this week's issue, so I don't really know what's going on. Besides the obvious, I mean. :) Oh, boys, you can't both win.

http://www.mangahelpers.com/ is a good place to go to when you can't wait for scanlations (and seriously, with Shin, why would anyone wait?... though I am still unclear about that Hiruma/Mamori moment) :)

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