Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

no there not gay and pendrell is dead

So, someone is going through the X-Files stories on my website and leaving "slash is rong" feedback in the commenting system. For the stories that aren't slash, few though they are, I get "I hate it so much".

Actually, they seem to have got bogged down around the Fs, so I may be denied further critique.

I've got to say, this a pretty poor effort. It's barely annoying and the "flames" are so mild that they're not even that funny. I suppose it might take me a bit of time at the weekend removing them (unless I decide to leave them up) but that's about it.

What happened to pride in flaming? Surely they could come up with something to say that would raise my ire. This doesn't even motivate me to block their IP.

I feel quite slighted that I don't merit higher quality work.

Oh, well, maybe they'll be shocked into brilliance once they get to the Harry Potter stories.

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