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You can call me Hal.

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On the subject of me.
∞ So busy with work right now. I can see a wormhole ahead, I'm working so fast on everything. At least I think that's what that bright light is. Also, Elvis is there.

∞ Last night, I dreamt I had a mullet. I was never so glad to wake up. "You'd look hot in a mullet," the Boy said when I told him about. "But you look hotter without one."

∞ Butters/Cartman has been upgraded from a joke ship to a real ship. I'm taking screencaps for a gallery. I think I need a cute ship name for them. Like Butterstick.

∞ I wish I were drunk and writing some InuKai porn/fluff/angst/anything. That would be like a boozy hug I give myself. ♥

∞ If you heard any rumours about me luring fangirls into my basement with candy, they are most likely false. But Lil and I are getting married in a lovely May wedding.

If you could have Margaret Atwood write some fanfic for you, what would you ask for? Or Terry Pratchett? Or Jane Austen?


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Candy? Last I heard it was jello shots.

Butters/Cartman is so Butterpoofs. :D

...I can't believe I'm saying this, but yes, yes, they're definitely Butterpoofs.

I think you should call the pairing Buttman. And I'm sad that I haven't I been lured into your basement because I LOVE YOU, TOO. :-D

Our love is above basements! I'm thinking some fantasy theme room love hotel.

I think dreaming about a mullet is fantastic, because you can give into the guilty pleasure of having a mullet without actually having one.

Sadly, there was no enjoyment. I do enjoy a good man-mullet though.

Would it happen to have looked anything like this?

I got to use this pic twice today! twice! Tuesday is the day of the mullet. rock on

Tobias Wolfe - a retelling of the war years, Neville's PoV, in the style of In Pharoah's Army. Yep, yep.

God, no, it was SO MUCH WORSE. I like your fic idea, though.

A teller at my local bank is a tiny little woman with a HUGE rock-god bleach-tipped mullet. I'm too scared to ask.

I would set Margaret Atwood onto X-Men comics and make her write Rogue fanfic. That would sort out all that hanging-around-wishing-she-could-kiss-guys rubbish in no time.

I wish I had the nerve to have hair like that. I don't think I want to take the time to keep it up though.

Hee! Good call on the fic.

I would so have Terry Pratchett write me SaeYuu fic. Mostly because I'd want to see what he did with it. *grin*

Ooh, nice idea. God, can you imagine what his Syusuke would be like?

I didn't really put out a hit on you, Hal! I only said that to keep Lil in line! Honest!


But I would like for Jane Austen to write me some really filthy shota.

I'm just disappointed you were so easy to defeat. It's kind of a turn-off.

I'd want Margaret Atwood to write fanfic about Tezuka when he's 30, divorced, working a dead end job with deeply meaningful chronic pain in his arm and lots of very detailed flashbacks and an angsty scene with a tennis magazine.

I'd want Terry Pratchett to write Inui and Tezuka as time travelling robots and the fate of the world resting on the outcome of a game of tennis.

I'd want Jane Austen to write Hyoutei fic. Yuushi can be the girl with embarrassing relatives.

I love all those ideas. Especially the time travelling robots. ♥

(Deleted comment)
Hee! Buttery goodness. :)

If Terry Pratchett would write me fic, I'd ask for Taka/Fuji, because I think only he could do justice to the amount of crazy involved in that pairing. Either that or I'd ask for Air Gear fic, because nearly nobody writes for that fandom, and maybe if he wrote for it everyone would suddenly think it's the cool thing to do?

Oh, I'd love to see that!

Margaret would write some PoT fic from Sakuno's POV. Like the Robber Bride only with more ghey.

Terry Pratchett would write anything and it would be made of awesome.

Basically Jane should rewrite P&P as a Darcy/Bingley story. Or is that total blasphemy, I don't know.

Sakuno fic by Margaret Atwood would be the most wonderful thing. ♥

Yes, I heard it was a party in your basement, nice beer and cheese and things. Lies, huh? :( :( :( :(

I'd call it "misrepresentation". :D No beer or cheese, but there were...things.

(Deleted comment)
Seriously, the drunken porn is often more popular than the stuff I actually work hard on. I try not to think too much about why that is.

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