Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

On the subject of me.

∞ So busy with work right now. I can see a wormhole ahead, I'm working so fast on everything. At least I think that's what that bright light is. Also, Elvis is there.

∞ Last night, I dreamt I had a mullet. I was never so glad to wake up. "You'd look hot in a mullet," the Boy said when I told him about. "But you look hotter without one."

∞ Butters/Cartman has been upgraded from a joke ship to a real ship. I'm taking screencaps for a gallery. I think I need a cute ship name for them. Like Butterstick.

∞ I wish I were drunk and writing some InuKai porn/fluff/angst/anything. That would be like a boozy hug I give myself. ♥

∞ If you heard any rumours about me luring fangirls into my basement with candy, they are most likely false. But Lil and I are getting married in a lovely May wedding.

If you could have Margaret Atwood write some fanfic for you, what would you ask for? Or Terry Pratchett? Or Jane Austen?

Tags: cat pictures, i like robots better than you
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