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You can call me Hal.

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Finally caught up with last week's BSG (3.13). Is Gaeta in love with Baltar? Canonically, I mean. It really feels that way to me. Does Gaeta want to kill Baltar? Which he may, whether he's in love or not, and maybe even more so if he's in love. I think I need to rewatch those scenes for more nuance. Opinions? It's hard for me to put my finger on it, but there is definitely something there, deep under the surface, for Gaeta when he's around Baltar.

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Hey, found this via friendsfriends and had to comment, having been mulling over the same thing all week.

The Gaeta-has-a-crush-on-Baltar thing has always been played really lightly, but this episode really cemented it for me - after the events of New Caprica, Gaius folding to the Cylons, Felix playing both sides its turned a lot darker. I think about that scene in Exodus II, with Gaeta saying "and I turned out to be..." and I think of Gaius asking "Whats worse than being a traitor?". Loving a traitor? Is that the answer? Because in watching I got a lot more than simple anger going on - and I certainly don't think Gaeta went to see Gaius to kill him...hmmm...maybe i'm reading too much into it!

I read Gaeta as in love with Baltar for the first two seasons, but I think this ep is about rage and resentment and a need to kill. Which, sure, could be all about love in the end, but they don't seem to be focusing on that.

I read it as "I believed in you, and you turned out to be a spineless worm." Lost faith, really. Which again could easily also be about love.

Bring your own subtext!

Annoyingly, I read someone paraphrasing Moore to the effect that he didn't have gay characters on the show because he'd have to deal with it as a big political thing, which makes me very angry. First, because it's not true (no you wouldn't, just have someone be gay and have it not be important), and second because, oh, andBSG hasn't dealt with politics at all in the past, so I can see how that would violate your show concept. :/

there is a scene in the s3 blooper reel where the actor (gaeta, don't know his name) makes a joke to that effect. if i remember corrently (which i may not) the joke is that he's jerking off to thoughts of baltar.

i agree with the 'i believed in you and you let me down and almost took me down with you' assessment. but there was definitely an edge of adoration to gaeta's dealings with baltar in the good old days.

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