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You can call me Hal.

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(no subject)
I think stress is causing my body to consume its own vital organs. But this made me feel better.

The studio take of Donny Osmond dancing for Weird Al's White & Nerdy video. The actual video is funny too. But there's not as much Donny.

Oh, Donny! I love you as much now as I did when I was eight years old. ♥

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Aha! Your Mysteryth age is revealed! Give or take 10 years! :p

I know of a song that pins down her junior high years. So I've got her age, give or take maybe three or four years, I'll have to look up Canadian school systems to be sure. You know, to be thorough. :D

Ahahaha I bet she hates us now.

Or thinks we're psycho.


Oh god, I hope it's the latter. D:

She's never going to mention *anything* to do with her private life ever again :p

We'll just have to get sneakier. >:)

As long as you don't have some secret creepy website about me. :D

haha I can't even keep my own updated - who has time to make one about you? :p

I'd tap that. Except maybe later because right now my stomach hurts from three whole minutes of Donny dancing. Beautiful. *_*

What does it say about me that watching that made me want to have sex with him?


...that you have impeccable taste? :D

Hal/Donny is the new Hal/Drew. There should be fic.

I have heard that eatin ones own organs can lead to dreadful happenings.

*nods sagely*

I should probably find someone else's organs to eat instead.

You should.

I have a few I could suggest.


I'm frankly shocked you didn't use your brains icon here.

I used to have a Donny doll. My cousin used to wait until I went outside and he would sneak into my room, take Donny's clothes off, and hang him by his feet with my shoelaces from my dresser drawers.

I loved Donny. I never played with Marie, but I did cut off all her hair.

I never had a Donny doll of my own, but a friend of mine lent me hers. Last year.

Donny Osmond! Sadly, the only thing I know about him is that he was Shang's singing voice from Mulan. *goes off to find an MP3 of "White and Nerdy"*

*laugh* You are younger than I am. :D

ahahahahha. Donny's dance sort of reminds me of the boys we mock and point at when we go down the 80's dance night.

just saying.

But aren't they cute anyhow?


Unless they are overweight sweaty rednecks trying to get it on with a hooker.



Y'know, Donny did nothing for me back in the day, when all my friends had his pinups on the wall and liked to wear purple socks because he did. In fact, none of the going teen idols did. (I did, however, have a great big throbbing thing for Capt. Kirk...)

However, one day I saw him in the Jeff Beck video, "Ambition"? And it was *LURVE*. I guess I just needed for him to grow up a little. *g*

And that dancing is *amazing*. Is it choreographed, do y'think? *ggg*

I've just loved him all along. ♥ And the dancing is awesome!

This video is super-awesome! Thanks for posting. :)

You're so welcome! I had to share. :)

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