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* am rather tight, from drinking nearly 3 pints of beer at the pub. I think I left a tiny bit in the last mug. I was only charged for 2 and when I told the server, she said not to worry, so then I had to try to calculate the tip based on 3 pints while the bill was for 2 and I think I broke my brain.

* wish I were writing some beer-induced pron about how Kaidoh is lusting after Inui but Inui seems oblivious and Kaidoh gets more and more frustrated until he finally pushes Inui down and a fracking big lightbulb comes on over Inui's head and they make out in an awkward and desperate fashion and don't quite declare true love forever, but it's definitely in the air and Kaidoh buries his face in Inui's chest so Inui can't see it and Inui is so happy he wants to shout and dance and sing. Also, Horio becomes a Regular.

* have to go to D&D in about an hour, so can't write any pron.

* have found the MOST PERFECT JOB EVER to apply for. It's so perfect and I want it so much that I wish I were still religious so I could ask you to use supernatural means to change reality on my behalf. Instead, I'll have to rely on my natural scary intelligence. And maybe get a good haircut.

* still want Donny Osmond. And Drew Barrymore. Maybe at the same time.

* am so behind at answering comments. I suck. Also behind at making comments, writing pron, general fandom things. Gah. I'll be better eventually, I promise. After I get this job.

* have a sweetie who helps me brainstorm fic by giving me plots that involve surfing contests in Hawaii and Momo and Horio disguising themselves as hula girls. Also, he's obsessed with Kirihara. I ♥ him so much.

* am probably less cute than I think I am.

* like cheese.

* love you guys, as always.
Tags: cat pictures, cheese, i like robots better than you, pretty girls make me nervous
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