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Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles

So much for not posting, but Naruto!!! It seemed as though the filler would never end and I gave up on keeping up long ago (just after that stuff with Lee and the super-hot Curry of Life). But now we're back and I'm so excited I'm vibrating.

Sasuke - OMG. How long until we really see him? I watched those opening scenes holding my breath and fisting my hair.

Naruto - What a cutie he's turned into. I can't wait to see more.

Sakura - It was hard to like her sometimes in the old days, but I always blamed the anime, not her. If that makes any sense. I love what she's become.

And the rest - Yay! Esp Shikamaru.

Okay, so not much to say yet, but oh there will be more, there will be more. Also, I love the OP.

When I first began to watch the show, Sasuke/Naruto was a Schroedinger's Ship for me. I knew a moment would come where I would find out if I had shipped them all along or not at all. When the plot was building to the end of the real arc -- before the 37 million episodes of filler -- I could tell it was coming. And when they fought, it was the most amazing rival-friend confrontation I've ever seen. And, yeah, I ship them. I always have.

Just before that, insaneneko posted a TezuRyo FST, which I still have in my iTunes playlist. There was one song I especially liked. But less than 24 hours later, I saw Naruto and Sasuke facing off and it's been their song ever since: Flying People by CORE OF SOUL. I actually started to make a vid to it, but didn't get too far before I ran out of time. But whenever I listen to it, I can see that fight, I can see them flying. I was a part of you, but I'm ready to fight you.

I have to watch that again. ♥
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