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You can call me Hal.

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Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles
So much for not posting, but Naruto!!! It seemed as though the filler would never end and I gave up on keeping up long ago (just after that stuff with Lee and the super-hot Curry of Life). But now we're back and I'm so excited I'm vibrating.

Sasuke - OMG. How long until we really see him? I watched those opening scenes holding my breath and fisting my hair.

Naruto - What a cutie he's turned into. I can't wait to see more.

Sakura - It was hard to like her sometimes in the old days, but I always blamed the anime, not her. If that makes any sense. I love what she's become.

And the rest - Yay! Esp Shikamaru.

Okay, so not much to say yet, but oh there will be more, there will be more. Also, I love the OP.

When I first began to watch the show, Sasuke/Naruto was a Schroedinger's Ship for me. I knew a moment would come where I would find out if I had shipped them all along or not at all. When the plot was building to the end of the real arc -- before the 37 million episodes of filler -- I could tell it was coming. And when they fought, it was the most amazing rival-friend confrontation I've ever seen. And, yeah, I ship them. I always have.

Just before that, insaneneko posted a TezuRyo FST, which I still have in my iTunes playlist. There was one song I especially liked. But less than 24 hours later, I saw Naruto and Sasuke facing off and it's been their song ever since: Flying People by CORE OF SOUL. I actually started to make a vid to it, but didn't get too far before I ran out of time. But whenever I listen to it, I can see that fight, I can see them flying. I was a part of you, but I'm ready to fight you.

I have to watch that again. ♥

It's bound to happen. Eventually. They're so ghei for each other it HURTS.

... plus they're so hawt...

They've all grown up really well. :) Can't wait for more!

This post makes me remember the exact reasons I treasure Sasuke and Sasuke/Naruto even (especially) as they tear my soul apart. *sigh* I can tell I'll be downloading the anime again tonight.

When Naruto (the series, I mean) is bad, it's very bad. But when it's good, oh my god. Yes, it's time to get sucked back in. :D

Oh! I'm so happy that Naruto is back to plot! I'll have to download that when I get home.

But the real reason that I'm commenting is to ask if you've decided to watch Kamen Rider Den-O. I've seen the first three episodes and it seems unbearably cute. My roommate, however, refuses to consider giving her love to any other Rider until after she sees the final episode of Kabuto.

And also . . . Do you know much about Gekiranger? I've never watched it and since you know so much about tokatsu series, I thought I'd ask. In the latest iteration, GekiRed is played by one of the boys from the Prince of Tennis Musical.

I have been watching Den-O and I've been meaning to post about it. It's darling, though I haven't quite bonded with it yet. (But I was like that with KR Blade too and it turned out to be the best of all.) I'm really looking forward to seeing where it's going. Ryoutarou is a sweetie but I want to see a few more riders on board soon. And I'm worried that they're blowing their whole effects budget on the train and so the fights won't be as cool.

Gekiranger starts this weekend, I think. Sentai isn't my favourite, but I've enjoyed Dekaranger and Boukenger, so I'll give it a whirl. I've seen people perking up re the myu boys -- it's my secret hope that this will turn more people on to toku. :) I've really just watched a few of the promos -- it looks a bit odd for sentai, as they're starting out with only three memebers instead of five, but I think the animal power/martial arts premise is cool.

...I can't help it, I have to comment.

Despite how crazy I find the Naruto fandom, or how aggravated I am by the filler eps, I am wildly excited by this. Sasuke/Naruto is my trainwreck OTP. :(

I've pretty much stayed away from the fandom, except for the nice folks already on my flist. It's more relaxing. :)

Trainwreck, oh yes. It's going to hurt so much when we finally get to it.

I'm kinda depressed that it's unlikely we'll see more of Sauke in this season - it did take nearly 70 chapters in the manga for him to reappear- so the opening bits I guess were to make up for the nearly 100 episode filler >__<

I think I'm going to go back and reread the latest 80 chapters XD

Just so long as they're *getting* somewhere I'm okay with it. At least they gave us that much. :)

I haven't been reading the scanlations, just the VIZ volumes.

I kept meaning to watch more of Naruto than the 30 eps I already have, but all the talk of filler kind of put me off. So maybe I'll start watching from this new series. Hmm. Is it downloadable from some super sekrit LJ community or something?

I get it on BT, so I'm not sure about download comms. I think you should keep on from ep 30, then drop it when the filler starts, and jump in with the new series. There's some good, good stuff there.

I started watching last year in the middle of the fillers, but I stopped right at the end of the series before the fillers started. Best way to go.

Sasuke and Naruto have so much tension, they just obsess over each other so much, they're just waiting for puberty to go "Hellooo," then they will paw each other.


Obsess, yes, so much! I want to see them fight many, many times.

And when they fought, it was the most amazing rival-friend confrontation I've ever seen. And, yeah, I ship them. I always have.

.... That makes me really really want to watch Naruto. Just for that.

It was just so intense.

Naruto is a funny show -- the good parts are SO good but the bad parts are pretty bad. But I would recommend doing what some others have done -- watch from the beginning up to where the plot ends, skip the two years of filler, and then pick up with the current series.

I'm so vaguely into Naruto that I'm way back at the Chunin exams (and, uh, dub, so.....yeah), but anyway, i know there is time-skipping much later, and I adore when characters grow up.

Sasuke/Naruto are kind of like Kaidoh/Momo for me. Because i love RIVALS(sekritbestfriends), but for some reason the pairing doesn't quite do it for me. I read it occasionally sometimes but...I don't know, maybe i'm just being contrary because everyone else is all about it.

*scuffs foot* i think Sasuke/Kakashi is hot (omg special training).

You're watching the dub? Eek! It's edited, you know.

but for some reason the pairing doesn't quite do it for me

That's because you haven't seen the big climax!

Sasuke and Naruto are Rukawa and Sakuragi to the life, just ninjas instead of basketball players. And Sakura is Haruko.

I can kind of get into Sasuke/Kakashi too. :)

(Deleted comment)
It's so exciting! And, yeah, it was a tease but so much better than if they hadn't shown us anything at all. :)

I had tears in my eyes throughout the episode. I was so excited I could puke yjfyfyjyf IF YOU WRITE NARUTO FICS I WILL PUKE FROM EXCITEMENT.

I was so happy they showed Ebisu because he's secretly my favourite and I think he's cool even if nobody else does. Everybody is flailing! *flails*

my only naruto icon of the moment :x

I haven't even thought about Naruto in weeks. But aldkjlk oh Sasuke/Naruto will always be special and and and--Hurricane Chronicles! End of fillers! I want to catch up on the manga!

All a very bad weekend to do this but still--♥♥

Re: my only naruto icon of the moment :x

I'm just so happy that it's back! Actual plot! And I don't care how long I have to wait for it -- the Sasuke-Naruto interaction is going to be so intense.

(Deleted comment)
I'm not sure what I would have done if I hadn't liked it -- I was so worked up before I even watched. I've missed it so much.

...I didn't even KNOW you watch, let alone like, Naruto. XD Not exactly my ship but more love for you! :3

I thought everyone watched Naruto! I'm not much into the fandom side of things but I love the show, at least the non-filler parts. I used to talk about it now and again.

So it was Sasuke/Naruto you had been thinking of with that song! Too bad I'm not into that show...but if you do make the vid I'd totally watch it. XD

It so perfect for them, especially for that confrontation. I don't think I had enough raw files to really do it. But I can always see it in my mind. I think I acutally turned off the sound on the episode and watched with the song playing a few times.