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PoT rec & love

You should read: Currents in the Cake by garlandgraves, Prince of Tennis, MomoKai.

It's a late birthday gift for me and it's one of those gifts that is that much sweeter because I get to share it with you. Garland, it's so lovely, you're so lovely, thank you again, so much. ♥

The story builds from this scene, which is my absolute favourite Momo-Kaidoh moment in the whole series, anime and manga.

It's just after Tezuka's big announcement. Momo and Kaidoh are standing by the wall, watching the other boys in their year play basketball. They are so clearly standing together for comfort, but far enough apart that they could deny it. And Garland takes it from there.

The story is beautifully characterized and sweetly funny and the Momo-Kaidoh interaction is subtle and believable. Go, read, comment, love.
Tags: momokai, rec, tenipuri
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