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You can call me Hal.

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If wishes were horses, we'd all be eating steak.
I wish:

* I were going to Escapade.

* I would stop having dreams where I start smoking and feel so much better.

* Kamen Rider Kabuto weren't over.

* I were bonding more with Kamen Rider Den-O.

* Giles and Anya had had a brief but passionate affair.

* I could find the square of chocolate I LOST last night. I just know it's going to turn up on somebody's ass eventually.

In other news, tuna and cottage cheese is a great combination.

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I wish you were going to Escapade, too! :(

I'd love to hang out with you and drink beer and relax!

Giles and Anya had had a brief but passionate affair.

Me too. They were so good together in Tabula Rasa.

We're watching S7 right now and they have some rather sparky interactions. There's one point where the two of them are out together and Anya is going on and on to Giles about not being able to get laid and MY GOD why didn't they just have sex in an alley?


* hahahaha.. but, but, it's tre smex to smoke. Nicotine is where it's at.



*They did, and got divorced in the same episode. I'm personally a Giles/Willow myself.

*Oh lordy. How exactly does one lose chocolate btw?


* A big slash con this weekend. I've only gone once, in 2005.

* I don't know why I keep having these dreams. It's not like I smoked and then quit. Maybe if I start smoking cigars I'll be hot like Starbuck.

* It was so, so shiny!

* But the new series is a bit goofy for my tastes.

* I'd been shipping them even before that so that ep made me ecstatic.

* It turned up under my chair. I had it on my little table and I must have knocked it off.

I'm up to Kabuto 15, and oh my God. ♥ I hate you for always being right.

It's the sexiest KR series I've ever seen! And isn't Kagami a total sweetie?

Did you watch Gekiranger? I'm waiting for the subs, but it seems like a lot of people jumped in with the raw.

Kagami is fantastic. He's adorable and clumsy and he kicks so much ass. And then he wears an apron. ♥

Yes, I watched Gekiranger and I really liked it! But I can't wait for the subs because I think Araki is going to be even better once I know what he's saying. I also feel great love for the blue one.

I wish I was going places too. GOOD FANDOM-ISH PLACES.

Instead I have milk with dried natto powder mixed in. BLECH.

Like a bar with all the people that we like in it.

I feel very sad for you because that doesn't sound at ALL like ice cream.

It's all kinds of gross (and smells a bit rotten and a bit musty). blech. But Moms says it's good for digestions and things.

I want that bar. And some tart drinkies.

How can you lose chocolate ! Nooo !

Cottage cheese is gooooooood ! Yum !

I found the chocolate under my chair, thank goodness.

Giles and Anya had had a brief but passionate affair.

They didn't?

Not to the extent I always hoped they would.

I was browsing your entry tags in search of one time I think I remember you reading a story aloud-- or maybe just talking about reading a story aloud, like for podfic-- and I was dismayed to learn that you like robots better than me. How can I correct this?

If you were to become a cyborg, then I would like you at least as much as I like robots. :)

The recording is here: http://prillalar.livejournal.com/250971.html

I keep meaning to record some of my tenipuri fic too.

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