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You can call me Hal.

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An update, rather boring.
* I've managed to get rid of most the things in my life that were making me a humongous stressball. This is good. Really good.

* I haven't heard back about the job I applied for. Not sure if they don't want me or if it's one of those things where they take forever to sort through the apps.

* I have got referrals to a couple of other jobs, though. I don't think I can really take something else right now as I still have contract projects to work off, but it's good to know there are jobs out there. I have some really great contacts and references, so I know I'll find something good in time. I just don't think now is the right time to go full-out job-hunting.

* I've had no brain for fandom for about a month and it's made me sad. I hope I can focus more now.

* I think I've forgotten how to write fanfic. This is bad as I haven't actually started my spring_fluff story yet, though I think I've basically worked out what it will be. I might try to write something short to kick-start my ficbrain, so if you see some sappy cliché InuKai in this space sometime soon, please be kind.

* I'm in the process of giving up caffeine. I have mixed feelings about this, but I'm certainly a lot less anxious. At least I'm not giving up beer.

* I am finally catching up with the Bleach anime. Filler, I won't lose to you!

* I have some cheese. ♥

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You don't have coffee, but you have cheese. I'm sorry, darling, but I don't see how this can even remotely be considered a trade-off.

There's a sailor tap-dancing on tv again. I love tivo.

♥ I've missed you and will take whatever fanfic you throw at me. Even if it's Tezuka/Oishi. :O

Aw, don't be hating on the Tezuka/Oishi. It's sweet. When I think of that pairing, I think about promise rings and devotion. Makes me feel fluffy and I typically don't feel fluffy when I think of Tezuka.

Giving up caffeine? Balderdash, says I!

I think my jaw dropped in horror at that. I tried it once...everyone told me to go back to it before I started killing people. :D

You are so much stronger than the fillers! For one thing, they're over, and you can laugh knowing the light at the end of the tunnel is downloadng.

I'm nearly at the end of the filler -- and for filler, it's not bad. There was even Byakuya!

why are you givig up the caffiene?

Uni job, yes? I have heard from others it takes a fair bit for them to get in touch. *crosses things for you*

Caffeine makes me too anxious. I'm down to one cup of coffee per day, which is fine, but I remember the days when I could wake up in the morning and be actually awake right away, and I'd like to get back to that.

Uni, yes. I'm hoping that's what it is too. And, actually, the longer they take, the better, since that's more time for me to get my other projects done.

omg a little Kaidoh mouse next to the tower of cheese! Eee, so cute.

don_amoeba made it for me! Two of my favourite things all in one icon. ♥

I am so close to the end of the Bleach filler I can almost taste it. Mid 90s, not long now. I kinda just skip the bount bits.

...what kind of cheese? ♥

I'm at 105 right now, I think, so not much further to go!

Cheddar, my usual. :)

My question is: Do I have to watch the Bleach fillers?

My brother brought home Bleach yesterday, I was hoping to catch up by skipping the fillers entirely.

I won't be able to answer this question until I'm out of the filler arc. But, really, the filler isn't that bad. We're not talking Naruto-esque here.

Oh my god what is with all the cheese jokes today? WHY CAN'T I ESCAPE THEM!?!

Anywho... Good luck with your InuKai much and catching up in Bleach.

Cheese is no joke. :D Maybe it's a sign that you should eat some cheese.

Thank you!

weeeeeee, you're using the icon! ♥

Job app responses can take weeks or even months, so I'm sure you'll eventually hear from them!

I don't drink coffee, but I'm certainly getting withdrawal from sappy cliché InuKai... so yes yes yes please! XD

I love the icon. :) Yeah, with this job, I'm not that surprised I haven't heard yet. I guess we'll see.

I'm feeling more energized about writing now, so I'll get cracking on the IK ASAP.

I've thought of cutting off the caffeine too, even if it's just the morning coffee, but I don't think I'd be able to get through half the day without it. In spite of the anxiety and the occassional agressivity. But we cannot take all theblame, nor blame the coffee, when it's the world that makes us potential killers in the first place!

It's a hard decision and actually I would probably be fine on one cup in the morning -- that doesn't make me wiggy. But I also like not being dependent on it to wake up.

Not boring at all!! I'm glad you're diminishing stress in your life, and quitting caffeine is sure to help--hell, I'll even be supportive of your keeping the beer, what the hell.


The comments turned out to be so much more interesting than the post. :D

Things are going a lot better now and I know they'll continue to improve. Sadly, though, I think I'll have to cut the beer too. I love it but it doesn't love me any more. Any more than a single pint and I get a headache and nausea.

How are you doing these days? I hope you'll update your LJ if you have the time. (I don't mean to pressure you, though!) *hugs*

I love the icon so much! don_amoeba made it for me. :)

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