Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

An update, rather boring.

* I've managed to get rid of most the things in my life that were making me a humongous stressball. This is good. Really good.

* I haven't heard back about the job I applied for. Not sure if they don't want me or if it's one of those things where they take forever to sort through the apps.

* I have got referrals to a couple of other jobs, though. I don't think I can really take something else right now as I still have contract projects to work off, but it's good to know there are jobs out there. I have some really great contacts and references, so I know I'll find something good in time. I just don't think now is the right time to go full-out job-hunting.

* I've had no brain for fandom for about a month and it's made me sad. I hope I can focus more now.

* I think I've forgotten how to write fanfic. This is bad as I haven't actually started my spring_fluff story yet, though I think I've basically worked out what it will be. I might try to write something short to kick-start my ficbrain, so if you see some sappy cliché InuKai in this space sometime soon, please be kind.

* I'm in the process of giving up caffeine. I have mixed feelings about this, but I'm certainly a lot less anxious. At least I'm not giving up beer.

* I am finally catching up with the Bleach anime. Filler, I won't lose to you!

* I have some cheese. ♥
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