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You can call me Hal.

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Songs for Kabuto
The Kamen Rider Kabuto Hyper Battle Video is the best thing since Kaidoh's ass. For serious. Kagami and Tendou and So. Much. Crack. Also Love.

Anyhow, Kabuto is over and I am sad. It ended well, though, probably my favourite KR ending to date. It was such a shiny, shiny show, with great suits and fights and characters and the Eternal Love of Kagami and Tendou. The crack was delicious but the serious moments were even better.

There are two songs that say Kabuto to me:

Because I Told You So - Jonatha Brooke. This is Tendou and Kagami and Hiyori. ♥

Sex Bomb - Tom Jones. This is every "Henshin!" Every Rider Kick, every Clock Up.

I keep saying that KR Blade is my favourite Kamen Rider show, but I may have to amend that. Kabuto was just that good.

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Marks spammed me with caps this afternoon, and if I hadn't already decided to watch it then the cap of cockroach-san would have decided it for me. Also, two boys in a bath with showercaps and an Alfred a butler looking on = *_*.

It's such a great show! I'm glad you're giving it a try. :)

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