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You can call me Hal.

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Out with the old, in with the new: Super Sentai
GoGo Sentai Boukenger is over and TV-Nihon has subbed the final episode. It was a good ending, especially the un-suited rollcall! How cool was that? And the epilogue with Akashi going into space. Masumi was all, "Eiji! Our boyfriend is leaving!" I pretended that all his lines about, "When you get back, your place might be gone," had a pissy boyfriend subtext and that made me very happy.

The BoukenRed - GekiRed handoff almost made me tear up. I liked Boukenger okay, but I was really mostly watching for Akashi. He's the coolest of the cool and even made me feel a little cougar-ish. Okay, a lot cougar-ish.

Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger begins. Subs are out for the first two episodes. Wow, what a great show! Sentai isn't my favourite toku, but this looks like it will be amazing fun. Jan is hilarious and cute and somehow not annoying. I love the uniforms, but I think the suits will have to grow on me. And I'm still weirded out that there are only three of them to start with.

The fighting looks great! I really like the martial arts motif and I hope that means we'll get more wire-work. The roll call is okay -- a bit wordy, though. And I like the way it's set up with two opposing factions. That should focus the story a bit more. I felt like Boukenger was a bit too scattered and some people's storylines suffered for it. (Mostly Masumi.)

I cannot express how cool it is that their mecha isn't really a mecha, but is made of their own powers. Just. Freaking. Awesome. ♥

Confidential to Mele: Won't you come be my Love Warrior? I promise I'll treat you better than Rio the Emo Goth King.

I feel like a traitor saying this, but so far, I like Gekiranger better than Kamen Rider Den-O.

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Araki Rio the Emo Goth King. *giggle*

I only started watching Gekiranger for Zukki, but the show is tons of fun. He and Araki were both cast perfectly -- Zukki gets to be loud and spazzy, Araki gets to wear jewlrey and look pretty.

Plus, it's the second episode in and I'm already loving the dynamic between Jan and what's-his-face, the blue one (I know the actor's name but not the character's, heheh). After the first episode I kinda really wanted them to get into a fistfight -- after the second episode I was very much wanting them to be happy and smiley and giggly together.

Maybe I can have both? That would be awesome. :D

I'm glad the show is so good! This will really help with my hidden agenda of turning my flist into toku fans. :D

I think GekiBlue is Retsu. I don't have all the names down yet -- I should check the intro again. Yeah, I love the Red-Blue dynamic too. I thought Blue would continue to be more resistant, but I like that he's not.

And I'm still weirded out that there are only three of them to start with.

Rumor is heavy that Rio might eventually turn and become Geki Black. Nothing confirmed yet, but that'd kind of awesome.

Oh, that's interesting! So long as lovely Mele stays evil, I'm happy.

I think I heard they'd be adding a Black and a White. I guess we'll see if they get up to six eventually.

Rio - that's Japanese for 'Leo', right.

I love how nuts this show is, I really do.

It just makes me grin.

Could very well be -- the subs use Rio so that's what I'm going with. The energy is so high in Gekiranger. Dekaranger was kind of like that too. And so campy. ♥

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