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Seeking Ultraman Max raws + and some other blather about TV

Does anyone know of a BT or direct download source for Ultraman Max raws 23-39? (That's the one with Aoyama Souta.) I have the 22 episodes that Tokuplex subbed, but I'd like to watch the rest, subbed or raw, and I foolishly stopped downloading raws once the subs started. It doesn't seem likely Tokuplex will ever finish it up. It's been a while since I tried to download any toku raws and none of my sources seem to be current any longer. I did find a batch torrent on Greedland, but it's not seeded.

Ultraman Max was my gateway toku. I remember disutansu posted about it after the first raw went up. (May 2005? Something like that.) So I downloaded it and watched it and I think it took all of ten minutes for me to realise that here was the genre I'd been waiting for all of my life. I watch a lot of different things but toku really clicks for me in way most things don't. (Doctor Who kind of pings me the same way toku does, actually.) I don't know why, but I'm glad I found it.

And speaking of boys and sports, which I really wasn't, except tangentially, I've started downloading Friday Night Lights. I figured I'd get around to it eventually because, hey, high school boys and football, and eventually seems to be now. It looks really, really great. (I'm not even all the way through the pilot yet.) Too early to tell if I'll be fannish about it (beyond the inevitable crossovers with ES21 in my head, which so far seem to involve Smash and Shin) or just enjoy it. But good TV seems harder and harder to come by these days.

Not speaking of boys and sports, I'm really enjoying Stargate: SG-1 right now. I'm so glad, because I didn't want to finish up the series disliking it. The eps are very watchable and fun and they seem to have some of the old feel back. Yay!

Speaking of boys and cars, I'm in Supernatural withdrawal. I had no idea I was this addicted. How long, how long must we wait?

In other news, I keep thinking I have spring_fluff all figured out and then it turns out that I fail big time.
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