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You can call me Hal.

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Things that make me smile.
» Fixing my network problems and getting back on-line.

» disutansu's InuKai fic. Helen, you are the only one I will acknowledge as loving InuKai as much as I do. Your fic and your enthusiasm always make me happy.

» Claritin! Yay!

» South Park season 6.

» Road to Nowhere by Ozzie Osbourne. There's a MomoKai roadtrip in this song and one day I will get around to writing it.

» Corner Gas. Espcially Davis.

» The cute top that I'm about to go out and find. I'm sure it exists out there, at the mall.

» Fandom. ♥

» And, of course, cheese.

Things that make me cranky.

» Dial-up.

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It's my favourite show. Until the new season of Trailer Park Boys starts, at least.

I can't even remember what it was like to be on dial-up, but I know that's one thing I would never want to go back to (it's like having the internet dangled in front of you and you not being able to reach it -- a very horrifying thought).

It's frustrating. And because I don't usually have to use it, my browsing is not optimized for low-bandwidth. But all is back to normal now.

Online job applications are especially painful on dialup. >:-[

South Park without Kenny makes me cry, but the Cartman/Butters action almost makes up for it.

I was glad to see Kenny at the end of the season. But Butters will always be my South Park True Love.

Uwah~ you flatter me so. I cannot compare to you. ^^;

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