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You can call me Hal.

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Important PoT questions
Do we know how long Nationals takes? Is it all on consecutive days or does it span more than one weekend? At first I thought it would have to take a few weeks, like the Kantou tournament, but then if people have to travel from all over Japan, they'd really want to get it all over with at once, wouldn't they?

Also, who's more fabulous: Atobe or Sakaki?

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According to the FET calendar (which is presumably taken from... one of the fanbooks?) the Nationals spans only three days, with rounds 1, 2, and the quarterfinal matches all on the first day, the re-scheduled quarterfinals for Seigaku vs. Hyotei on the second day (after the rain suspension thing), the semi-finals on the second day, and the finals on the third day. That seems... impossibly speedy, so I don't know if that's FET's estimate or Konomi's final word on the matter. :-??

P.S. Atobe Atobe Atobe. :D

P.P.S. Pretend I can count days there.

I don't know if you'll get a comment notifcation now. Seeing the line through your name makes me sad. :(

I think the four-day tournament makes sense. People can't hang around away from school forever.

I recall that it's three days; one long weekend. I /think/ that's out of 20.5 but I'm not positive.

Upon checking my notes, I have it down as Sunday to Wednesday. So, four days.

That sounds right. Thanks!

Well. Atobe won my heart in seconds. I joined fandom because of Atobe.

...But Sakaki sure is closer to my age...

I'm for Sakaki in a big way. I suppose if I just go for Sakaki/Atobe, I won't have to choose. :D

I usually follow this because dates tend to make things more credible for me, but I haven't double-checked it. It could be wrong.


Thanks for the link! That's really useful.

My vote would have to go to Atobe. Randomly diving into a pool fully clothed because he's frustrated by Tezuka? (it was odd how the diving board disappeared after Atobe disappeared into the water) The epitome of fabulousness, clearly. :D

He is rather dramatic. :D It's quite lovely.

I don't know about the first question (and it seems to have been answered already) but Atobe is so fabulous I sometimes have trouble coping with it. Oh, Atobe.

Atobe is one of those characters who would be so annoying to actually hang around with, but is so wonderful to watch.

I would alo say it's quick as Seigaku competes again Higa right after they played Rokkaku.

Atobe because Sakaki does not have a personal Kabaji.

Now I'm imagining Sakaki's tragic past where he did have a Kabaji but lost him somehow.

It starts on a Thursday, I believe, and ends on a Sunday.

Or maybe my mind made that up...

Seems like it's four days either way.

I'm starting to get a little uptight about Nationals being over. Because then the manga will probably end and I'm just not ready for that.

I thought it was longer than two days but shorter than a week... Four or five days.

Four seems to be the consensus.

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