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You can call me Hal.

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Happy π day.
inui manga
I'm sure everybody in the fandom already has this. I'm still amazed by the fanservice of it -- sexy-voiced man, reciting the digits of π in Japanese. That's it. Who needs more? Pi - Inui Sadaharu.

By rights, I should write some Inui fic today -- some sort of π Day / White Day mix-up InuKai -- but since I still have to flnish off my spring_fluff fic, I'll be lazy and link you to a fic of yesteryear: 3.1415926535 Short Stories about Inui Sadaharu.

Sadly, I have no pie.

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Oh sure, everybody has it now. When I think of those long pi-less months... ;_;

I don't understand the fascination with pie around here. I mean, as far as desserts go, I can see the appeal, even though I don't really like it myself. But it's just that it seems like some sort of fandom codeword--pies as shibboleth. I mean, it's in everyone's userinterests, userinfo, posts, casual comments: I like pie. I wish I had pie. Give me pie. Will fic for pie. Am I missing something? Is this code for something naughty? A password to some elite, hush-hush chatroom full of sugar-hyper fans? I'm this close to equating the idea of "eating pie" with "drinking the Kool-Aid." D: In my head you are all a scary smiling army of chibi Fujis, happily offering up baked goods of dubious origin. D: D:

3.14... Short Stories is one of my favorites of yours. Beyond the niftiness of the structure, I don't think I've ever run into such an effective line as "Kirihara had a knife" :)

it has nothing to do with dessert and everything to do with the way the word feels in your mouth.

I will pretend I have not spent the past half hour saying "pie". :)

Eat the pie, Garland. Do it. Don't you love us? Don't you? Eat the pie. :|

That is either really hot or the scariest thing I have ever heard in my life. Possibly both.

Pie always makes me think of Twin Peaks. And of pie. Mmm.

I remember the knife line flashing into my head while I was falling asleep and so I had to get up and finish the story right away. I love it when that happens.

Randomly - are you still looking for Ultraman Max? I found the last two episodes the other day, and I've heard that the last one is basically just clips from the whole series. Let me know if you want them, though I make no promises as I have embarrassed myself perhaps irreparably in that IRC channel. :\


everyone should have pie.

I agree. But I haven't had pie for a long time. There's a bakery downtown that makes a brandied peach pie that is possibly the best thing in the known universe.

As of my 4th Japanese lesson last week, I now understand that song. YES. Man, all this time I just figured he was performing some sort of mating call. And I figured totally RIGHT.

Your pi fics about Inui last year still make me :D :D...D:. It was pure evil.

Happy Pi Day!

Evil and pie -- how could you go wrong? :D

It's sexy-voiced man, reciting the digits of pi OVER some smooth barry white-esque music, in Japanese.

I have some meat pie, but that's not as exciting as fruit ones.

I miss meat pie. It was my favourite comfort food. Next to Inui.

1. Best song ever.

2. SO has South Park on as I'm writing and...okay I give. I GIVE. Freaking Butterpoofs.

I feel like I have scary powers. Who can I make you ship next?

I feel like you've secretly been hired as a South Park writer. You haven't, have you?

Thanks for π. I didn't have it before because I never got around to downloading it. But yay for Inui's thrilling and low and sexy voice. :D

Also, I fail because I missed Pi Day. Where they give out FREE PIE on campus. FREE PIE. *dies*

I just re-upped the whole album for someone, if you want it. (Trust me, you want it.) http://www.sendspace.com/file/kbe7s2

You missed free pie! That's some bad luck right there.

Oh yes, I want. Thank you very much. It's lovely. ♥

If it isn't too much of a bother, could you tell me which album this is from so I can hunt the track down? I'd check the ID tag of the song myself, but the link has expired. I'm such a sucker for nice voices, and I've actually let my balinese acquaintance (who's got a smooth, lovely voice) recite the numbers from 1 to somwhere in balinese, simply because it sounded so good. Therefore, this intrigues me a lot. Thank you. :)

The album is E=mc2 -- Inui's full album. I can upload it for you if you like. It's so nice to have him mumuring in my ear. :)

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