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You can call me Hal.

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And all its mystery, he said, was clear as day to me.
» I've been suck at commenting in the last week. I will do better this week.

» Work has been busy, busy, busy. I worked every day this week, including yesterday, and when I'm done this post I'm off to work some more. But it's been satisfying and I've accomplished a lot.

» I cannot say enough good things about WordPress. I pretty much use it for every website I develop now. It's a great small-scale CMS and with plug-ins and templates, there's practically nothing I can't make it do. It's so easy to train clients to use and, best of all, it's open source. I love it so much, I'd be writing Hal/WordPress RPS if I didn't have to spend so much time working.

» I finished my spring_fluff and before the deadline even. I think it's all right. I'm not going to look at it again for at least a week. I keep wondering if I should have forged ahead with the story I dropped instead, even if it wasn't very shippy. I'm still feeling weird about how much trouble I had and how many ideas I dropped. I don't tolerate failure in myself very well.

» I will likely have a job interview this week for a job I don't want. Good practice, though, and networking. I need a new interview outfit. What would you wear to job interviews in order to really stand out? My thought is a bright orange shirt, if I can find such a thing in an appropriate stye. Or yellow would probably work. Some colour you'd find on police tape or traffic cones. A colour that says, "Danger!"

» This made me grin. Diane Duane used the Drabble-Matic to write bad fanfic about her own characters. I think the Drabble-Matic is the only reason anybody visits my fic site, since I never update it with any fic. The top referrer in my logs is Wikipedia, from their drabble page. Strange.

» Last night I was braindead and my partner was out, so I, um, watched Gravitation. (Not the OVAs, though.) It was fun, but rather weird, and Shuichi was annoying as fuck. Is the manga worth reading? And does it fill in the gaps at all? The anime seemed pretty abrupt a lot of the time.

» Genie and Goldie, you are both sweethearts. ♥

You know, I always wonder about that tag -- is it "I like robots better than I like you" or "I like robots better than you do"?

or possibly, "i like robots who are better than you"

maybe what, itself, is delicious.

Is the manga worth reading? And does it fill in the gaps at all? The anime seemed pretty abrupt a lot of the time.

The manga started off well, I thought (filling in the gaps and generally being an entertaining read) but then it went insane and cracky in a really terrible way, and I lost interest. So...I have to say that I wouldn't recommend the manga past volume 6 or so.

The anime is abrupt -- part of it might be it not having many episodes, but generally, I think a lot of it just could have been so much better, which makes me sad. I still have a soft spot for it, though.

I think I'll give the manga a miss, then. I'm still going to watch the OVAs, though. Since I already have them.

I wouldn't recommend the Gravi manga either. It's all over the place. At this point in the story you have to wonder if Murakami's still "mocking the cliches of the genre" as we once thought she was, or if she just went completely batshit insane. Plus, she seems to have more fun making porny dojinshi of her own series than writing the series itself. It's like she got tired of it and doesn't know what to do with the story anymore, so she goes and makes a new dojinshi with ranchy porn every couple months to make up for the cheesy melodramatic crap she keeps throwing her characters into.

I don't know, it's a really weird manga and not like the anime at all. :3

Maybe I just need to find the doujinshi then. :D

Oh, your Drabble-Matic is awesome and not the only reason I love you, I promise. ;)

I liked the Gravitation anime a lot more than that manga because I knew it was supposed to be crack and I didn't expect coherent plot or logic from it. The manga fills in the details, yes, but it has a terribly cavalier treatment of some of its more serious issues (e.g., rape) that made my hackles rise. There were some gorgeous panels though. :D

And I agree--orange & yellow are good eye-catching colors, as long as they're still appropriate business attire. I have a pale yellow suit with a bright orange shirt that goes with it. It's pretty awesome, heh.

Even if I never develop a cure for cancer or bring world peace, I figure I've generated a fair amount of good karma by making people laugh with that thing. *g*

Nobody seems to rec the manga much. So I think I won't bother with it.

I just hope I can find something when I shop -- it seems to be all pastels this season. Even business wear is pretty casual here and I'll probably mostly be looking at design agencies anyhow, so I want to look more funky than dressy.

WordPress is a lovely thing, isn't it? I've only installed it for actual blog-style stuff so far, but it seems very flexible. Kind of like the MediaWiki engine, really.

Of course, I favor teeny tiny clients who will just give me their text files and keep their greasy paws off the site entirely. ^_^;

I'm another vote for only the first handful of volumes of the manga. After that it's just to bizarre and disjointed. On the other hand, I liked that-fucker-Yuki a lot better in the manga. In the anime he has no redeeming qualities at all.

WordPress is the best thing ever. Every site I do, I learn a bit more about it or find a new plug-in I can't live without. Next up will be learning to write my own plug-ins. :)

Yuki seemed to me like one of those old Harlequin romance love interests, the ones who were sardonic and cold and cruel in the beginning but by the end, you were suppose to have forgotten that as they turned into loving, caring men. Only he never changed.

I usually stand out via an oddball piece of jewelry. But then, oddball pieces of jewelry are a HUGE part of my personal style idiom, so.

(For example, I have a large pin shaped like a firefly, and a necklace with a large sculptured heart on it, and a ring with rivets and a weird purple mineral, and....)

Sounds cool! I don't wear jewelery except for my piercings. But it's worth thinking about just for this.

wordpress is a beautiful thing.

and the gravitation manga is one of the v. few manga where i struggled to even get through to the end of the first book. i like the anime to a point (and that point would be Yuki and K) but the manga didn't improve on anything for me. i'd say just aim for reading something else.

K was pretty damn fabulous, that's for sure. Yuki didn't really move me, except to make me want to smack him.

why would you want to look like a police cone, sweets? I always say the classic crisp bright blue button down with wide legged grey trousers (for brunettes) or something in the neutral line, preferably a darker fall like orange or a soft shade of mossy, sage or olive green, with chocolate trousers (for blondes).

You want something that says "damn right I'm good at what I do".

Hurrah on the fluff.

Gravi? don't bother. I made it though 2 volumes and gave up even trying.

I want something that will make me stand out. For most of the places I expect I'll be looking, I want something more artsy or funky than business-y. And I don't want to look boring.

You want something that says "damn right I'm good at what I do".

Maybe I'll wear a sign. *g* I remember one time at my old agency job where I was meeting with the tech guy from a hotel we were doing some work for. And he came to the meeting in a dress shirt and tie. My impression, based on his outfit, was "How can this guy know anything about IT?" but the production manager thought he must be really smart because he was dressed so well.

How's remix?

Gravitation anime is more coherent than the manga, although the manga goes into more detail on some things the anime glosses over. It's worth looking at if you like the anime, but be warned that the first volume is the most painful. It gets better :D

Re: the interview, the outfits that stand out most in my memory are the really bad ones - eye bleedingly bright red tie, for example, and one lady wore purple heels with a red suit jacket - but for the absolute best candidates I couldn't tell you what on earth they wore to the interview because I was paying more attention to them than what they were wearing.

One I do remember was a woman in a really adorable dark navy almost-black skirt suit with a pleats and cream colored pindots. She was a blah candidate, but her suit was fabulous.

I'm hoping to avoid the really bad outfit. :) But I think that a visual stand-out would help along with, of course, my brilliance and wit. *g*

I like the sunniness of your icon a lot. The Drabble-Matic is also a thing of love, but not so much this weird spellchecky javascript thing? lj has imposed on the comment box that is underlining every other interesting word in red and making me testy.

The Gravitation manga started out amusing enough, but I was wanting to shake the characters fairly soon, even before the crazy set in.

I'm not getting the javascript spell-check in my comment box. I wonder why!

I'll have to agree with the other comments about Gravitation. It is some cracky, weird stuff. I read the entire series last summer because I was jobless at the time and had nothing better to do. It sort of answers some of the questions from the anime, but it glosses over a lot of points as well. And Shuichi was just as annoying in the manga. I have a soft spot for the anime though because I thought the art was pretty cute. Basically, if you have the time and you don't have to purchase the whole series, I say go for it -- but if not, there are much better series to spend your time and money on.

I love your icon. :)

Thanks for your thoughts -- most people seem pretty lukewarm on the manga. Hmm.


oh dear god, diane duane badfic FROM HERSELF!

<3 thank you for finding that. i love authors that possess a sense of humor, and her wizard books kicked ass old-school. (i mean. dolphins. and sex and stuff.)

It was a fun treat to find in my logs. :) I liked the wizard books a lot too.

Stand out in a good way? or stand out in a bad way? ;) well, something red around your throat, brings attention to your face. Look honest, even when you aren't - I mean, um...

In a good way, preferably. :) In a way that says, I am cool and interesting and you will remember me.

Ah, I'm the only one who likes Gravitation, and I was late to posting. :(

But since I'm here, I'll still say it-- I didn't like the anime at all, but the manga is still my favorite of any boylove manga. It has three things consistently going for it: (a) wacky hijinks, (b) pretty pretty art, and (c) it's psychologically interesting, in a legit way, where Murakami really did consruct two completely crazy people and try to make things work out btwn them. I thought the whole series was pretty well done, with occasional lapses in focus.

If you'd like to check out it but not invest in it, I could send you the first four or five volumes for perusal. But not if that's creepy.

People came down pretty hard on the manga, I must say. :D If you have scanlations, I'd be interested to check it out, but don't go the the trouble of mailing actual volumes.

I find I'm not that interested in BL manga, really. I figured this out when I was reading Sakende Yaruze! and I kept saying, Less kissing, more hockey!

I've long admired WordPress. I sometimes idly contemplate upgrading the blog on my website that I never update to WordPress and actually blogging and ooh the shiny.

For jobs I don't want I usually go for a suit with an indecently short skirt and something pink and fluffy on top.

It works so well for non-blog sites too. I love it so!

I don't think I even own a skirt, let alone anything pink and fluffy. But I do have an Incredible Hulk t-shirt.