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And all its mystery, he said, was clear as day to me.

» I've been suck at commenting in the last week. I will do better this week.

» Work has been busy, busy, busy. I worked every day this week, including yesterday, and when I'm done this post I'm off to work some more. But it's been satisfying and I've accomplished a lot.

» I cannot say enough good things about WordPress. I pretty much use it for every website I develop now. It's a great small-scale CMS and with plug-ins and templates, there's practically nothing I can't make it do. It's so easy to train clients to use and, best of all, it's open source. I love it so much, I'd be writing Hal/WordPress RPS if I didn't have to spend so much time working.

» I finished my spring_fluff and before the deadline even. I think it's all right. I'm not going to look at it again for at least a week. I keep wondering if I should have forged ahead with the story I dropped instead, even if it wasn't very shippy. I'm still feeling weird about how much trouble I had and how many ideas I dropped. I don't tolerate failure in myself very well.

» I will likely have a job interview this week for a job I don't want. Good practice, though, and networking. I need a new interview outfit. What would you wear to job interviews in order to really stand out? My thought is a bright orange shirt, if I can find such a thing in an appropriate stye. Or yellow would probably work. Some colour you'd find on police tape or traffic cones. A colour that says, "Danger!"

» This made me grin. Diane Duane used the Drabble-Matic to write bad fanfic about her own characters. I think the Drabble-Matic is the only reason anybody visits my fic site, since I never update it with any fic. The top referrer in my logs is Wikipedia, from their drabble page. Strange.

» Last night I was braindead and my partner was out, so I, um, watched Gravitation. (Not the OVAs, though.) It was fun, but rather weird, and Shuichi was annoying as fuck. Is the manga worth reading? And does it fill in the gaps at all? The anime seemed pretty abrupt a lot of the time.

» Genie and Goldie, you are both sweethearts. ♥
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