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You can call me Hal.

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I wish I were a guy so I could call them gaunch.
horio is the smex
I'm off to the pub with my partner to talk about Horio. Or maybe just to think about Horio while pretending to listen to my partner talk about his day. But before I go, an important question:

What kind of underwear do you prefer? Styles, brands, tips on how to prevent unsightly panty lines. I need to throw out all my underwear and buy new stuff, but the Hanes cotton stretch boylegs I bought recently did not, contrary to my assumption, solve all my underwear problems.

Pictures of you in your underwear would also be useful. For science.

I wear boycut-knickers...um...they looks fine.

Seamless underwear? :| I wear sort of...hipster pants. Boycut-knickers, as reddwarfer said. I don't have a problem because I like my trousers baggy. But seamless underwear might prevent lines. :)

I shall research! Thank you.

I have about 4 pairs of these awesome Hanes hipster briefs that actually look a lot like men's briefs, complete with mock fly. Mine are grey, but I believe they also come in other colors (mostly pastels, probably, which is why I picked grey). They have them at Target. So comfy!

Those sound like what I was looking for but couldn't find. I'll shop around a bit more.

To avoid panty lines, I, um... knuckle under and wear a thong. T-shaped in the back (like these babies) means no bunching-between-the-cheeks: I can barely feel them, and I bloody HATE thongs.

For jeans days, though, I like good old-fashioned briefs like these, with a higher leg cut if I can. I find boyshorts to give me wedgies in a few steps -- it's a big bum thing

The idea of a thong makes me shudder, but a few people have said the right one can be comfortable. Worth checking out, I'm sure. Thank you!

Um, none? Or tights/nylons under dress pants?

Barring that, I think you'll have to go with non-cotton boyshorts in order to prevent panty lines. I've done the cotton boyshort thing, and it didn't work. These, on the other hand, are perfect.

i second those. have a few in black.

i also have some of the hanes nylon-esque thingies that look teeniny when they come out of the bag, but expand to neatly cover your rear. no panty lines. only problem is, they tend to crawl their way up your crack.

For that no-lines look, I admit I just go commando. Otherwise, it's plain white cotton thigh-cut briefs, either Hanes or Fruit of the Loom. It's not just your grandmother's white cotton panty. :-)

I've done the commando thing in the past and it's rather comfortable. But for reasons I won't go into that's not really an option any longer.

I buy most of my underwear from Ross, which means they cost me like $1.99 instead of $10.99 and are often random brands. But I've had good luck with the Rampage styles, and also with stuff from Victoria's Secret, embarrassingly -- I like the low-slung hipster boy panties myself (I used to do bikinis with straps but they started looking weird to me), and both of those are good brands. I also think VS makes a "seamless" leg panty that's supposedly invisible, but I haven't tried them.

A few people have mentioned seamless panties. I'll keep looking around.

Boyshorts. With pretend y-fronts so I can further the wishful thought that I have a penis.

I don't like assfloss or anything with a high waist. Most of my pants are tight across the hips and ass, but loose at the leg (because I like it that way, not because I don't know how to shop) so I don't have panty line issues.

Also, how's that dreamnovel coming? I'm getting tired of waiting.

I think she asked for pics.

what is wrong with floss (ew)?

also, am now trying to envision these pants. are they wide legs or are they more like a boyfriend cut?

also, I want Hawiian food now.

I wear big black granny-type knickers. I am comfortable, but no help whatsoever.

Comfortable is always good. :)

I just wear whatever knickers looked prettiest in the store when I was in the mood to buy. But no VPL if only because 90% of my skirts are lined. I am distinctly unhelpful.

I never wear skirts -- it's pants I have the lines problem with. I can't figure out if that's because my underwear is too big or too small or not the right kind or what.

I'm fond of boy-cut shorts, myself; I understand you can get some yummy ones at Gap Body.

Boyfriend will take underwear pictures next time I see him, 'kay? ;-)

Excellent! I look forward to the pics. :D

I want a beer now. I may need to defriend you, Hal for tempting me.

I can't drink for at least a month, maybe two. This sucks.

Would it comfort you to know that I couldn't even finish one pint? I just sat staring at it sadly, wondering why I didn't want to drink it.

Maybe heroin would help you get through.

I got some briefs from Land's End that were relatively expensive (for me, anyway) but are holding up very well. Not sure how they do with panty line, since I mostly wear jeans.

I'm also finding that my jeans are now lower in the waist than half my underwear! Not an attractive look, so I try to avoid it. *g*

(Deleted comment)
*is sad about no pics* There have been a surprsing number of votes for thongs today. I'm slowly being convinced.

I wear a lot of Gap lacy hipsters.

But my favorite panties are from a lot I bought at Target about 7 years ago. Sadly, they have mostly worn out.

Here is a helpful picture of me modeling them!

(FYI, VPL is a problem I have never solved -- I suspect it would involve thongs and I just don't do that.)