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You can call me Hal.

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We watched the TXF episode Grotesque tonight. That's the one with Kurtwood Smith as Bill Patterson, a profiler from Quantico and one of Mulder's many fucked-up father figures. So, Patterson is just so intense and balding and bespectacled and gorgeous and I was enjoying myself quite a lot. Then we had a moment with Walter Sergei Skinner, who is just as bespectacled and balding, a little less intense, but even more gorgeous and I was enjoying myself even more. And then Mulder was doing some research in this library and D. was all, hey, what if Giles were here?

And then I exploded.

In news that is not technically related, but somehow feels related in my own mind, I watched the first Okane ga Nai OVA. It was...okay. I think Kosugi Juurouta is a great choice for Kanou. But the episode was all from Kanou's POV and he seemed too soft and conflicted, not the stone cold bastard I've come to, well, not love, but appreciate. I actually never finished reading the manga, but I read quite a bit and it's the outrageousness of it that I enjoyed. Which felt mitigated in the OVA. Ayase, though, is still the weepy uke by whom all weepy ukes must be judged.

In news that is certainly not related, I have consumed copious amounts of cheese and chocolate and now the Boy is making popcorn to top off the evening. He makes it on the stove and pours on lots of butter. I bought him the popcorn maker as a gift. I think that was my smartest move ever.

Ooh, it's ready.

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Kosugi Juurota made a great Kanou! The only thing I remember him in is Boku no Sexual Harassment as the lecherous boss Honma. Jun Fukuyama drove me demented as Ayase...which means, I suppose, that it's perfect casting! Still, I'm sure he wasn't so nails-on-blackboard in Princess Princess and Gakuen Heaven. I wonder if there's to be more installments? Cross-fingers. I have no idea how they judge the success of these things...

As for the manga, it is going through a heavy cross-dressing phase. Ayase molestation full throttle!

Kosugi is also Sakaki in PoT. He's fab for Kanou -- I just wish there were less soul-searching. I didn't realise the manga was still ongoing. I think when I left off, Ayase was back at uni and about to be molested by some of his so-called friends. Do you think there's a special pheremone that ukes give off? If so, Ayase must have got a triple dose.

Ayase, though, is still the weepy uke by whom all weepy ukes must be judged

I never stuck with OgN long enough to grow accustomed to its charms...but that line? Beyond perfect.


Hee! He's the uke-ist of them all, that's for sure. Even Tezuka would top Ayase.

...woah, hope the explosion didn't stain anything cos that could be awkward.

Yay, popcorn! movie!popcorn tastes the best for me :)

No, but I did get butter from the popcorn on my shirt. :( Usually I change before I eat it, but I forgot this time.

I can't eat any other popcorn now. Homemade is seriously the best.

I have never seen that XF episode, but after watching lots of That Seventies Show, I concluded that Kurtwood Smith has loads of underrated sex appeal. And red hair! *g* There's even an ep where Mitch Pileggi appears as a friend of Red's (Smith) who's a swinger, and they're holding a wifeswapping party at Red and Kitty's house. Hilarity abounds.

I saw the ep with Mitch! It was awesome. And Red is the whole reason I watch that show. My god, he's hot. I have such a thing for balding sarcastic men.

Well, I watch it for Donna as much as Red... 'cos I have a thing for tall redheads with deep voices. *g* Or maybe just for redheads, actually.

Donna is wicked hot too. But I think I want to be her, not have her.

As always, I take a seiyuu's worth to looking up what he did, and seeing what his role (if any) in Bleach and PoT was.

I quite like that Mr. Honma was Coach Sakaki, and wish heartily that he will get some spine and be the caring/abysmally bastardly Kanou that Okane needs.


Kanou was quite bastardly but we got way too much of his inner, "Why am I doing this?" But at least he sounded sexy while he was emoing.

(Deleted comment)
For serious. Also, we watched Syzygy and lo! there was Gabrielle Miller as a cute little high school girl who got killed by flying mirror shards. ♥

I think I would have exploded, too. Whew!

I think, in the spirit of ramping up for the weekend, we should re-watch the ASH ep of Doctor Who.

But the episode was all from Kanou's POV and he seemed too soft and conflicted

I thought it might've just been me since it's been a long time since I'd read the manga, but I definitely picked up the same vibes. Anime!Kanou seemed a tad more undecisive and, perhaps, bipolar-like than manga!Kanou.

Ayase, though, is still the weepy uke by whom all weepy ukes must be judged

I agree x 1000000.
He is so remarkably tiny compared to Kanou -- it's a wonder his toothpick-sized limbs don't snap! (perhaps it's an uke talent of sorts...)

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