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Good night, you Princes of Tennis, you Kings of Kantou.

New OVAs! Whee!

* Oishi rules the fucking universe. Every time I see him I want to kiss his pretty cheek. And then I want Tezuka to give him a blowjob.

* Synchro was bloody freaky. Instead of the floaty fairy effect in the manga, Oishi and Eiji looked like they'd been replaced by scary alien versions of themselves. I kept expecting a Kamen Rider to show up and fight them. (Bonus question: who would win a catwalk showdown, Atobe or Tendou?)

* The BL formation, though, was charming as always. Silver Pair pwns Golden Pair at blatant gayness.

* But the Golden Pair's love is truer. Their love is so true that Eiji totally doesn't mind Oishi getting all those hummers from Tezuka. Really. He told me.

* Atobe and Ryoma killed me with their own synchro of evil laughter. No wonder Tezuka can't choose between them. They are exactly alike.

* And the whole, "you may be a prince but I'm the king" bit. The whole thing about Atobe is he really is just as fabulous as he thinks he is. I always think of the Kid Rock song, Cocky. It ain't bragging, motherfucker, if you back it up.

* The match was cool, but could be cooler. If the anime were ongoing, it would have taken two or three episodes and that would have been fantastic. But we got to see a snip of Atobe vs Sanada! ♥ And watching Atobe walk away after...guh.

* And when Atobe stands up, clearly unconscious, but not giving up. I've run out of ways to say how amazing he is.

* There should have been more Kaidoh, because he's pretty and I love him. I think I heard Kiyasu doing a random crowd voice but I'm not positive. They could have given Taki a line -- I love his Taki voice.

* And that's it, really. Oh, except, what about the soup? Was there GP soup dialogue? Or was that all a fake-out?

Prince of Tennis, I still love you best.
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