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You can call me Hal.

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PoT FIC: Lock Up, Oishi/Tezuka
My mostly non-emo contribution to the Oishi/Tezuka mini smut fest. (Okay, it's kind of emo. But nothing like the one I started and then didn't finish because it was too emo. I'll post that one another day.)

Lock Up by Halrloprillalar / prillalar
Prince of Tennis, Oishi/Tezuka, R, 500 words.
The usual clubhouse sex.

"Everyone was worried for a while there." Oishi picked up a towel from the floor. "They thought Inui might actually win."

"Were you?" Tezuka asked and Oishi watched his fingers on the buttons of his shirt, the skin disappearing behind the fabric.

"Tezuka," Oishi said. "When you're that serious..." Everyone on the sidelines bending forward, fingers twisting through the wire of the fence, eyes on Tezuka. "Were you?"

Shadow covered Tezuka's face and Oishi couldn't quite read his expression. So he moved closer, leaving half a step between them. Tezuka shifted slightly, resettling his weight so he was leaning back, away. Oishi stood and looked at him.

From this distance, he could see Tezuka's eyes behind his glasses, his pupils large in the dim of the room. Oishi could see Tezuka's jaw tighten, his forehead crease.

"No," Tezuka said.

Oishi watched him for a few seconds longer. "Okay," he said and turned away. Tezuka followed him to the door, his bag over his shoulder. Oishi stopped with his hand on the doorknob. He could hear Tezuka breathing behind him. He closed his eyes. Then he turned the lock.

"Oishi." Tezuka frowned and crossed his arms over his chest. But Oishi pushed in close, too close to see much at all, and shivered as a tickle ran down his spine.

"Yes," Oishi said and kissed Tezuka's closed mouth. Tezuka didn't respond and Oishi kissed him again, fingers twisting in the sleeve of Tezuka's shirt. He leaned his cheek against Tezuka's. "Yes," he said into Tezuka's skin and kissed him again, a slow damp swipe along the jaw and Tezuka's lower lip.

Tezuka's bag dropped to the floor. His breath blew out, half into Oishi's mouth. And he got serious.

They staggered over the floor together, kissing and clutching until Oishi's mouth was watering and Tezuka's shirt was hiked half up his chest and Oishi's back was up against the cubbies. Tezuka slid to his knees.

"You don't have to," Oishi said, because that was what he always said, and Tezuka pressed his face to the front of Oishi's pants and rubbed his cheek over Oishi's dick.

Oishi put his hand over his eyes and let Tezuka suck him off. He couldn't watch, he could never look at Tezuka's face. Then he didn't have to know if Tezuka liked Oishi or if he just liked cock.

"I'm going to--" Oishi said, and choked, and came, hips jerking, face twisting. When he opened his eyes, Tezuka was spitting into his handkerchief. Oishi grabbed his shoulder and buried his face in Tezuka's neck.

Tezuka stood still until Oishi pulled back. Then he picked up his bag again. Oishi didn't stop him. Sometimes he did, sometimes he held on and rubbed Tezuka through his pants until he gasped into Oishi's shoulder. But Tezuka seemed happier when he didn't.

"I'll lock up," Oishi said. Tezuka nodded and left. Oishi stood by the door and watched Tezuka walk away. Then he went home to worry.


Comments of any kind are always welcome. :)

I'LL LOCK UP -- ! ♥

I'm sure you will, Oishi-san.

This was fabulous. I've never explored dad/mom, but oh, it's so lovely. Hide your eyes from the brightness that is Tezuka-seme, Oishi...

Personally, I think Oishi tops, but it's a fine line sometimes. :) I'm glad you enjoyed it! I love this pairing a lot but I don't write them very often.


and yet so hot. GUH, hal, guuuuuh. :D~

There's just something about Tezuka giving head... :D

(Deleted comment)
Thanks, honey. :) I hope the craziness lets up soon.

Last line. Brilliant.

we love you, Hal.

I love you back. And Oishi loves you too.

We should do this at least once a quarter.

I can't decide what I liked better - the cocksucking or Oishi clinging after. Damn that was fine.

See, this is not the emo story. This is what I wrote because the emo story is too emo to be part of a smut fest. But I'll post it later.

Poor Oishi, in love with a robot. Even if he is a robot cocksucker.

Ahhh, I love that last line. :D My poor angsty babies.

They always make me sad.

I know, poor boy. He should be hugged and appreciated more.

*is so dead*

*in a good way, but still!* XD ♥ ♥ ♥

*revives you* You can't enjoy spring break if you're dead! ♥

What do you mean, not emo? I reckon that was rather angsty.
Although I guess those two aren't all happyshiny like the Golden Pair, or even Eiji and Fuji.

I still like whatever I can get of Oishi/Tezuka. Especially with Oishi as top!

I was thinking not emo in relation to the story I decided was too emo to post as part of a smut fest. :) But on reflection, this is kind of emo too.

Then he didn't have to know if Tezuka liked Oishi or if he just liked cock.


Tezuka/Oishi makes me sad, but I'm more infatuate by Tezuka/cock here.

Tezuka/cock is a pairing I'm fond of. :D

Hee! I wouldn't go that far. But I'm glad liked it. :)

This was so sad! Wonderful, as well, and really scarily plausible, but...my poor baby boys! The line Then he didn't have to know if Tezuka liked Oishi or if he just liked cock. made me start wibbling, and by the time you got to Tezuka seeming happier when Oishi didn't touch him, I was pretty much heartbroken. Great job with the story; I'm just going to go have a good cry, now.

What Jain said!

And he got serious

But did he get careless as well?

Oh god, Hal! That was good, damn good as always from your writing. But I think the last line was the most priceless. Oh, Oishi and his worrying. *toddlerfists*

I wish I didn't like making Oishi sad. But I think he'll get everything figured out eventually.

*throws money at your feet*



Thank you!

This must be a conspiracy to secretly make me like Tezuka because of Oishi! :3

It's working. Fufufufu...*slithers off*

Money! Awesome! Tezuka is so much more lovable when he's got a cock in his mouth. :D