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You can call me Hal.

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Presenting tenifriends - Prince of Tennis fic/art exchange focused on friendships
arai & kachiro
Are you tired of trying to think of a new way to describe an orgasm? Do you wish Momo and Kaidoh would stop groping each other and go play soccer? Do you like Horio? Then you'll love this:

tenifriends, an anonymous gen fic/art exchange focusing on friendships between Prince of Tennis characters.

Slash is great. Het is hot. But friendships are fun too. (I don't stick my tongue down your throat and you still like me, right?) Dare to explore a world of school, friends, adventure, mystery, ice-cream, haunted houses, video games. Maybe a little tennis. Don't worry -- the gay will still be there when you get back.

» Now - April 7: Sign up!
» April 9: Receive your assignment.
» April 10 - June 1: Write or draw your fabulous contribution.
» June 1: Submit your fabulous contribution.
» Mid-June: Posting begins.

Come on by and sign up. (Also, there are rules. But after you read them, sign up.)

tenifriends is the brainchild of reddwarfer, with prillalar and venivincere providing backup.

Sign up for the fest and write me some Horio-Kaidoh friendship fic, okay?

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I saw this and went "oh mannn" because I KNOW if I sign up I'll have trouble. I have blind_go to worry about, and they're requiring long fic, and then with college kicking my ass...

I will THINK about it. And probably sign up later but only write the minimum word requirement because I lose. >.>

There's time to think. And then sign up. :)

How long do the blind_go stories have to be?

I will think long and hard. Or short and soft, as the case may be.

There's a 5000 word minimum. That's a lot for me. Luckily I have just over 1000 words already and a plot in mind too. And another month to complete it, of course. :>

That seems really long for that kind of challenge fic. But it should make for some nice plotty stories.

I can't wait for them, to be honest. :D

They've been varying the fic lengths every round. Last time was drabbles to 1000 words, which is of course why I decided the 5000-word one was the ONE FOR ME! Which is why I already know I can't do this. Alas! I will have lots of fun reading the stories. :)

I'm tempted. I'm very tempted.


...That. Is not entirely fair. What about those of us who have no willpower to resist and totally can't keep up with deadlines? ;__;

Purely hypothetical question: do we get support groups if we hypothetically sign up?

What would you want your hypothetical support group to be like? Hyopthetically? :D

I'm weak when it comes to exchanges too. I try to resist but I usually end up signing up.

Kick my ass well BEFORE the deadline. Hold my hand while I hyperventilate. Inspire INSANE ideas! ...Supportive? >.>;;

It's just that...I participated in their_white_day and had a REALLY difficult time with my request. (Mostly WHO and WHAT, but anyway. T__T) I had five separate tries and two complete fics before I broke down and then gave up and submitted my first try.

Right, then. Should add "Stuff me with sedatives when I have breakdowns" to the list. XD

I don't stick my tongue down your throat and you still like me, right?

Hehehe. So many ways to answer this question, I can't choose. Will just settle for "hehehe". :D

Maybe you could whisper them in my ear. :)

Yay for you being so more cheery than me.

My post would be like:


I am possibly on the giddy side tonight. :)

Today is quite possibly a good day. :D

Oh my God, Hal! Here it is! The chance to write TezuFuji friendship and not be mocked by friends and loved ones! It's funny, thawrecka and I briefly discussed friendfic the other day and it made me wiggle happily.

(I don't stick my tongue down your throat and you still like me, right?)

Yes you do.

Nooooo. :(

It sounds lovely, but I am sworn off exchanges.

Dammit. Dammit dammit dammit. I wasn't going to sign up for anymore fests or challenges. Except I told thawrecka that if she did a Friendship Fic Exchange, I would sign up. Because I'm all for furthering the Gen Cause. And now, look at this. A Friendship Exchange. *waves fist despairingly at the sky*

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