Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Presenting tenifriends - Prince of Tennis fic/art exchange focused on friendships

Are you tired of trying to think of a new way to describe an orgasm? Do you wish Momo and Kaidoh would stop groping each other and go play soccer? Do you like Horio? Then you'll love this:

tenifriends, an anonymous gen fic/art exchange focusing on friendships between Prince of Tennis characters.

Slash is great. Het is hot. But friendships are fun too. (I don't stick my tongue down your throat and you still like me, right?) Dare to explore a world of school, friends, adventure, mystery, ice-cream, haunted houses, video games. Maybe a little tennis. Don't worry -- the gay will still be there when you get back.

» Now - April 7: Sign up!
» April 9: Receive your assignment.
» April 10 - June 1: Write or draw your fabulous contribution.
» June 1: Submit your fabulous contribution.
» Mid-June: Posting begins.

Come on by and sign up. (Also, there are rules. But after you read them, sign up.)

tenifriends is the brainchild of reddwarfer, with prillalar and venivincere providing backup.

Sign up for the fest and write me some Horio-Kaidoh friendship fic, okay?
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