Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Who, tenipuri, etc

» Doctor Who was wonderful. I'm in love with Martha. That's what you call it when you want to lick someone all over, right?

» There are some clips from the Japanese dub of Doctor Who up on YouTube (thanks to viridian5 for the link): Dalek (Nine) & Rise of the Cybermen (Ten). Ten is dubbed by Seki Toshihiko! I'm trying to grab full episodes via BT with some success.

» spring_fluff has started posting.

» tenifriends is still open for sign-up.

» Oishi/Tezuka mini smut fest round-up: One More Thing by Pix, This Wasn't the Plan by Hal Marks, Lock Up by Hal.

» I have many comments to answer but I have to go to a party today because apparently my partner's friends think I don't exist, like Mr Snuffleupagus. At least I have a cute top to wear. And scotch to drink.

» The new season of Trailer Park Boys starts next week! Every year, I long for this time. And it's over way too soon.

» And, of course, I like cheese.
Tags: doctor who, i like robots better than you, tenipuri
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