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You can call me Hal.

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Who, tenipuri, etc
men seldom make passes
» Doctor Who was wonderful. I'm in love with Martha. That's what you call it when you want to lick someone all over, right?

» There are some clips from the Japanese dub of Doctor Who up on YouTube (thanks to viridian5 for the link): Dalek (Nine) & Rise of the Cybermen (Ten). Ten is dubbed by Seki Toshihiko! I'm trying to grab full episodes via BT with some success.

» spring_fluff has started posting.

» tenifriends is still open for sign-up.

» Oishi/Tezuka mini smut fest round-up: One More Thing by Pix, This Wasn't the Plan by Hal Marks, Lock Up by Hal.

» I have many comments to answer but I have to go to a party today because apparently my partner's friends think I don't exist, like Mr Snuffleupagus. At least I have a cute top to wear. And scotch to drink.

» The new season of Trailer Park Boys starts next week! Every year, I long for this time. And it's over way too soon.

» And, of course, I like cheese.

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i'd call it love. i'd also call it her bottom.

Either way, it's a good thing. :D

(Deleted comment)
The clips were awesome. And so was the episode.

I am not so in love with Martha. She hasn't proved to me yet she isn't just another wannabe Rose.

Hahhaha.. Japanese Who is lovely.

Still not getting the sudden urge to make Tez drop to his knees and suck cock. However, today I am craving Yagyuu fic. Just Yagyuu - waking up, wanking in the shower, doing homework, eating breakfast and squabbling with his sister, going upstairs to play video games and harass Niou via text messages, wanking again, going out for snow cone in the afternoon and kicking Tachibana's ass at the street courts, coming home, showering again, wanking again, having dinner. You know. Gen fic. About Yagyuu. Being 15.

I still want to know what the shirt looks like.
mmmm. scotch. I may hit the pub today for 2.00 pints of Bass.

You and Pril make me nostalgic for living in Portland, right down the street from some truly superior brewpubs. Spaceman Stout. So dark and bitter and chocolatey. ...Now I'm crying...

aw. *pets*

Oregon or Maine? I assume Oregon as we have no spaceman here. we have blackfly.

Portland, Oregon. Lived there for three years, and had as much of their beer as I possibly could. <3 Haven't heard of Blackfly, but I've never met a stout I didn't like.

Gritty McDuff's - Portland, Maine. Which is where I am from.

It is good, if a little bitter tasting for my stout preferances.

Here's my favorite stout:

Young's Double Chocolate Stout.

It plasters me in half a beer (high gravity + asian inability to metabolize alcohol), but god damn, it's a tasty way to go.

Neat, I'll look that up.

Mmm.. I adore Young's stout. :)

=) ...in fact...i think i'll get some in about an hour. at a bar, since georgia blue laws prohibit alcohol sales on a sunday. v_v

Aw, Yagyuu. I'd love to see him play Tachibana.

Here's a bad picture of the shirt. The mirror seems to be a bit smudged.

I over-carbed so much at the party that it will take all week to recover.

It is very pretty. I like the color and the cut of the neckline. :D

My mirrors are always dirty. Because I am a horrible housekeeper.

aw. did you? Did they have artichoke dip?

*feels your boobs*

I want to dress you up in pleather.

Hal, Marks, Shikishi, I think I should call you guys...Halkshi, or something ;D ;D ;D

That sounds like a type of Scandinavian cheese!


I'm still thinking about tenifriends. I think we both know that I'll eventually sign up, but I have to pretend to consider it first for reasons completely unknown to everyone, including myself.

I want a fic in Ryoma's pov whereupon he arrives at Seigaku - with the intention of just playing some outstanding tennis - only to realize that the team is harboring a very big secret. And that secret is that Tezuka is the circuit bicycle.

*yawnstretch* I want some cake.

The circut bicycle.


oh. my.

I had a beer and now I want a smoke.

Yes, it's arousing. I know.

I'm drabbling for you. Because I care.

Good. because I deserve it. :/

It was my Yagyuu prompt, wasn't it?

And that secret is that Tezuka is the circuit bicycle.

That's no secret. I want to make a Tezuka version of this icon. I'll check my InuTez dj later.

I ate two pieces of cake yesterday. The first one was worth it. The second was not.

I was just thinking the other day that we needed (and by 'we', I mean 'me') a tezuka cockslut icon.

Yeah, I know what you mean about that second piece. Not good times.

Mr Snuffleupagus became real after a while. I had no idea he was an imaginary friend until a few years ago. I had an argument with my 10-years-my-senior friend over it when she was positive he was an imaginary friend and I was all, wtf.

Hee! The Sesame Street generation gap. I think when that happened, then Snuffy's family thought Big Bird was imaginary.

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