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You can call me Hal.

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Genius 340
Raw - Sendspace

I have just one thing to say. (kestrelsan, you'll want to see this.)

Nanjiroh, you are so fine. Come over here and give mama some sugar.

Okay, I guess I should note that the sliced-in-half tennis ball was hilarious and that I cannot freaking wait for the finals to start, except for the part where it makes me sad because we're that much closer to the end.

But, really, Nanjiroh. My god.

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(Deleted comment)
I don't know how he manages to be so sexy. But I'm not complaining.

He's so scuzzy in an amusing way.

The shot at the end, though, with all of them and the arena in the background was just....gah, I loved it.

I smell filler coming up, Hal (yay! got name right!)- what say you?

I think you said "amusing" when you meant "wicked hot". :D

The last panel was lovely! I'd be happy for some filler -- anything to stretch it out a bit longer.

I like the pic of empty tennis courts and the Rikkai scoreboard. (Nice job, Sanada!) And the shot of Seigaku on the last page... It's sort of just now hitting me that the finals are next. They seemed so far off for so long. :(

I hope the finals take a year. I'm not ready for the end yet. :(

Oh Nanjiroh. RAWR. And NATIONALS!!! But woe, too. I'm so conflicted! D:

I hope the finals live up to the hype, after all this time. But I don't want it to be over! Maybe Konomi can take a vacation for a few months and let the anticipation build.

Ooh I know! Its so nerve-wracking with all this build up and all the excitement. I don't want to be let down in anyway! I'm sure the matches won't be shortened like some of the recent ones seem to have been. I want him to drag it out and make it spectacular!

A vacation for Konomi sounds like a terrific idea!!!

Though I kinda think he looked better with longer hair. XD

And omg, does this mean the end is near. T__T What am I going to obsess over when the manga ends, too?

He looks good any which way. :) But the end is nigh, yes. I can't imagine the manga will continue much past Nationals. :( :( :(

At least I still have ES21.

It appears that he is suffering from Inui shoulder disease.

*hides* :D

You are never satisfied.


why are there like only 7 people in the stands outside of team members? is Tennis not a big deal and we are all dillusional? why, I ask, why!

Fuji's eyes are way creepy non-pupiled in that one frame.

My partner has a theory that Seigaku is a big basketball school so the tennis team doesn't get the attention it deserves.

Hm. They may be right.


I'm having problems with his left leg in the far left panel. Does he have no bones in his ankle/foot?

Lame Kintarou-Echizen match BUT it's finally Seigaku vs. Rikkai time! Oh sweet jesus, yes. Tezuka vs. Yukimura, Y/Y? Inui vs. Renji, Y/Y? (Inui-Kaidoh vs. Renji-Kirihara would be awesome too, although with all the machinations to make Kirhara realize his full potential, I don't think they'd stick him in doubles.) I want to see the line-up and hope that it's revealed in the next Genius.

Inui-Kaidoh vs Renji-Kirihara would be a fucked-up version of Golden Pair vs Silver Pair and I would be ecstatic to see it. I fear that we'll see Ryoma vs Yukimura since we've seen him play Sanada already, much as Tezuka vs Yukimura would give the whole fandom multiple spontaneous orgasms.

Hmm, we should try to predict the line-up. Kawamura and probably Oishi are out. Dream Pair doubles, then? But Eiji said he'd only play doubles with Oishi now. Maybe Oishi's wrist will be okay to play again after all.

What I'd like to see: Dream Pair doubles, MomoKai doubles, Inui, Ryoma, Tezuka singles. What do you think?

Is Oishi still out for the count with his wrist? I can't believe that after all the hype, that Konomi would have the Golden Pair's last match in the canon be a loss. But yes, poor Kawamura is definitely on the bench; I wish he could've played against Rikkai since he was on the bench the last time too.

Your line-up looks pretty good, although what I'd like most to see would be: Inui-Kaidoh, Oishi-Kikumaru, Echizen, Fuji, and Tezuka. Traditional, I know. But that's with Oishi being fine. Without him being able to play, the only other feasible line-up I see besides yours is: Kikumaru-Momo, Inui-Kaidoh, Echizen, Fuji, Tezuka. I think I prefer yours of the two, since I'd love to see Inui play singles again.

I wonder with Rikkai's Captain back who's going to ride the bench. Kirihara or are they going to break up one of the doubles pair and make a makeshift one? But for the final game of Nationals, I can't imagine any team in their right mind playing a makeshift pair. But then again, this is Rikkai. Is there such thing as a makeshift pair with all their strong players?

Here's a horrible idea: Konomi could bench both Inui and Renji to do commentary and take data. That would make it Momo-Kaidoh, Oishi-Kikumaru, Echizen, Fuji, Tezuka versus Jackal-Bunta, Niou-Yagyuu, Kirihara, Sanada, Yukimura. I don't like this idea at all, though.

Have the Golden Pair ever won in canon? Against Fudomine, I guess.

I don't even know where to begin speculating about Rikkai. It's hard to imagine any of them being left out.

Here's a horrible idea: Konomi could bench both Inui and Renji to do commentary and take data.

That's so scarily plausible I'm going to pretend you didn't even say it. Mostly, I just don't want to see either Inui or Kaidoh on the bench, whether they're playing doubles or not. (OMG, what if Kaidoh got to play singles?)

They won against Yamabuki's Jimmies too. But they haven't won a match in a long time, considering that they lost against Rikkai, didn't play against Higa, lost against Hyoutei, and didn't play against Shitenhouji.

If Kaidoh got to play singles, that would be awesome; think if he got to go up against Sanada? But considering that there's Echizen, Fuji, and Tezuka, I don't think there's much chance that Kaidoh will play singles. What about Inui-Kaidoh versus Renji-Yagyuu? That'd have an interesting symmetry.

Wait, here's another idea! All the games play out so that they're tied 2-2, with one of the games defaulting. That leaves Inui to play Renji for the tiebreak! It all comes down to a data showdown for Nationals! Because this series is about Inui first and foremost!

...Okay, I'm done dreaming now.

I don't want both Taka-san and Oishi to be out T____T

(And I want original things such as Kikumaru-Tezuka doubles to happen too !)

Why's his foot contorted that way?

(Is this how Ryoma's going to look when he's older? DROOLING.)

Maybe he has a foot cramp :D Or he's scratching his knee with his toes.

Prolonged effect of smoking, I say. (Or he's trying to show off his toes. -.-)

God, how is he so hot? That whole chapter was just so pretty, with the different perspectives of everything like the scoreboard and the boys wandering off afterwards. ♥ *__*

Very pretty. :) And the boys looked so happy.

Eeeeee! God, I want to do such bad things to him *g*.

God, I know! Did you just see this today? I emailed you the link last week.

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