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You can call me Hal.

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Don't you know a man being rich is like a girl being pretty?
Today is the last day to sign up for tenifriends, the PoT friendship fic fest. I can't participate since I'm modding, but it might be good motivation for me to get back to a couple of gen WIPs.

I too was visited by the anonymous jellybean fairy. Thank you, mystery gifter! And thank you, Genie, for the ecard! I completely forgot about Easter and so I have no Peeps-related fanfic or whatnot to post. So sad.

Yesterday, I saw Grindhouse and it was very, very fun. I think I liked Tarantino's movie slightly better, but they were both a hoot. During Planet Terror I was transfixed by the hotness of Freddy Rodríguez and then again in Death Proof by Rosario Dawson and Tracie Thoms. The fake trailers before the movies were possibly even better than the movies. One of them, Machete starring Danny Trejo, I wished were for a real movie. And lo! at the IMDb: an entry for a direct to video release. I can only hope it's true.

I'm auditioning some new mystery authors. I love murder mysteries -- they're so relaxing -- and I've exhausted Christie, Marsh, and Sayers. I gave Margery Allingham a try, but while her books were enjoyable, they were more adventures than mysteries. So I went to the library and got some Dorothy Cannell, M. C. Beaton, and Simon Brett. I prefer cozies and I don't want to get too emotionally attached to the characters, except for the recurring sleuth. I sometimes read Ruth Rendell, but she makes me care about people too much so I can't read too many in a row.

Speaking of Sayers, I was re-reading Mike and Psmith the other day and thinking that Psmith and Wimsey are very much alike, almost the same character, just tweaked to fit into their respective genres. They even both have monocles. Of the two, I much prefer Psmith.

This week's Doctor Who is downloading and even more exciting: the new season of Trailer Park Boys starts tomorrow!!! I am so curious to see what's going to happen with Lahey and Randy and Barb.

And that's pretty much all of my fabulous life for now.

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I still haven't had a chance to watch. :(

Try Georgette Heyer's mysteries? Set early 20thC, quite dated but in a timeless way (if that makes sense?).

For current day, Reginald Hill's Daziel and Pascoe series is my best offer. Yorkshire and both down to earth and intellectual. Some are slightly more dated than others (the later ones are more timeless, whereas the earlier ones I can sometimes guess when they were written.) He has also written some about a private eye, but I've not read those.

Also Ruth Dudley Edwards except the last few books where she had a theoretically subsidiary character who got a bit Mary-Sueish. The author is not at all politically correct and gleefully so, and has a very establishment background from which to poke fun.

Ooh, thanks for the recs! I'm hoping to get several authors lined up, to keep me going for a while. I'll give Heyer a go first -- I usually like that time period the best.

Me too, hence the user name (which, if I were to change it, would just shift to 'campion') and also the names of my various bits of hardware being 'Wield' (OK, that's current day, Reginald Hill), 'Bunter', 'Lugg', and 'Hemingway' (who you'll meet if you read the Heyer books!).

::does New Who dance::

Me too with the downloading. Faster, damn you, faster!

Also, I just read on an ahem comm I frequent that there is a new British series about Adrian Mole, only he's all grown up. If you're interested, email me and I can direct you appropriately.

I've been in and out all day and still haven't watched. :(

I'm pondering the Mole series. I'm not sure I should watch -- he means too much to me, really.

It occurred to me you might feel that way. I tend to shy away from movies of books I've loved, so I understand.

Still no DW for me! Bah.

hehe, I was going to sign up, then realized you won't be writing. *chickens*

the only mysteries I read are PD James and Josephine Tey. i think it's more for the England. :D :D :D

I waffled about dropping out as a mod so I could write -- it was a hard decision. I kind of feel like I've done too many fests lately, though. I keep having to put longer WIPs on hold to write other things to deadline.

What kind of friendship fic do you fancy? I kind of want to write something about Kaidoh and Horio. :D

I've read PD James before and it wasn't quite my thing. I'll put Josephine Tey on the "to try" list. And, yeah, I think it's all about England. :)

hehehe, You and Horio. :D :D :D

I was craving a Oishi-Inui, or Echizen-Sakuno... :D

I still want to sign up, but have no idea what to request. I realize that I could just write the TezuFuji friendship and shut up about it, but I feel like I need an occasion. Because I'm a nong. And because I'm stalling, which is why I'm rambling here.

*yawns* Entertain me, Hal. Do something amazing.

What kind of occasion? We could easily declare some sort of Pix Deadline Celebration Day.

I went to the pub and completely failed to write any RyoKai porn when I got home. Was that amazing?

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I will email, honey. ♥

(Deleted comment)
It's hard to fit everything in, I know. :)

Sayers was obviously writing her perfect man for both characters. Although, hm, maybe Lord P was her total marysue... I've read fewer Psmith than Whimsey, and admit that I am a total sucker for Wimsey. I love that the last few are about Whimsey's children.

Sayers seemed completely in love with Wimsey. Harriet was a total Mary Sue. It's much less likely that Wodehouse was in love with Psmith, which probably accounts for me liking him more. :D

Hm. I think the introduction to one of the Sayers books I'd read claimed that Harriet was her Mary Sue, and so I read the book with that in mind. But decided that Sayers gave all of the Mary Sue characteristics to Wimsey. (The piercing intellect. The rich family. The glamorous mysterious job. The ability to do anything, including what she did [ad copy].) Plus, I suspect Sayers of batting for the girl's team, or whatever euphemism I should use for "gay." (I know, she was married.)

You're most welcome~ ^__^

That icon always looks so tasty!

New mystery author: Josephine Tey Josephine Tey Josephine Tey. I cannot pimp each of her books enough, but Inspector Alan Grant is my babydaddy.

You're the second one to mention her. She's on the list now for sure.

I wish I could trade half Mary Higgins Clark's life/writing career to extend Tey's, as Tey only wrote eight mysteries before she died (chronological order, * are the Inspector Grant books): The Man in the Queue*, A Shilling for Candles*, Miss Pym Disposes, The Franchise Affair*, Brat Farrar, To Love and Be Wise*, The Daughter of Time*, and The Singing Sands*. The Man in the Queue and A Shilling for Candles are the weakest mysteries; The Daughter of Time is the oddest mystery, the strongest written, and the most famous. The Franchise Affair is the oddball Grant mystery; To Love and Be Wise is the most unexpectedly fabulous in a manga-esque way and the one you should run screaming from anyone who tries to spoil you for it. Brat Farrar is the sexiest; Miss Pym Disposes has the only female protagonist and is the most underrated. The Singing Sands is the most "woobie!Grant!", for which I'd read it later/last in the Grant books, though overall they're independent of each other.

They are all odd little books in themselves, with a lot of experimentation and introspection and not-quite-whodunnit mysteries between them, and I love them so.

I am also fond of the Sano Ichiro mysteries by Laura Joh Rowland, though they're probably not what you're looking for in that they're pretty linear in "events/characterization in the prior books affect events/characterization in later books." But the eeeeevil-also-gay antagonist-antihero guy is great and someday I will sign up for Yuletide just to get him slashed with Sano.

Have you ever read Elizabeth Peters? She reminds me quite a bit of Sayers.

I adore Psmith. ♥ ♥ ♥

She's on the list to try, though I didn't get any of her books this time around.

Psmith is my very favourite Wodehouse character. ♥

Is Elizabeth Peters the real life Kate Winslet character from Heavenly Creatures?

Sorry. Anne Perry. Wrong victorianistique mystery thingamajig my friends were reading.

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