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You can call me Hal.

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Things that are cool.
» TV-Nihon is picking up Ultraman Mebius! I've been flailing about this ever since the announcement. Also, Tokuplex says they'll be resuming subbing of Ultraman Max soon.

» My spring_fluff gift-fic was posted! Inui Sadaharu, π. Inui/Tezuka and really a lot of fun. Inui is so adorkable, I wanted to squish him.

» On Friday, I'm off on vac to a resort for a week. I'm assembling books to read, anime & toku to watch, and fic to write. If there's high-speed wireless in the condo, I expect my life will be exactly the same as it is here, only in a different location. That's my second favourite kind of holiday. (My favourite is where I stay here and my partner goes away for a week. :D )

» You. ♥

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No chat this weekend, then?

But more importantly: YAY VAC! You need that badly, I suspect. I am overjoyed for you, and only a tiny bit jealous. (:

I'm not sure about chat -- it depends on the wireless & social situation. I'm hoping we can still do it. (I should def have email access; there's wireless in the lobby and hotel rooms. We're just not sure about the condo.)

The vac should be very relaxing. (I kind of wish I were going alone and the Boy did say he'd come back early if I wanted the extra space, but he frankly needs the vac even more, so I didn't have the heart to kick him out. Also, he just brought me some cheese.)

There are a lot of parentheses in this comment.

Cheese, as we have discussed, is good. And you can never be as parenthetical as I am. I swear, it's like a disease!

Keep me posted on chat. If you can't make it, it's okay; I may have to bug off early for a fan gathering that I must take the train to, wah.

I choose to interpret that last point as being directed at me specifically ♥

It's like the Romper Room Magic Mirror! :D

Good, good news! I wanted to watch both. :D

You, too. ♥

Max is so, so delightful. Souta as Kaito is cute as a bug's ear and all the rest of the characters are super-fun as well. Watch it and we'll trade Koba/Sean drabbles.

I hear that Mebius goes back to the roots of the Ultraman franchise, so I'm really looking forward to that.

Oh yes. Guest stars, references..I tell you, it's the closest thing you get to having an acknowledged canon.

On the other hand, my fangirl group considers Mebius to be the eternal Puppy of Gweeee, and that's really quite enough for the time being. XD

I'm really looking forward to it! I don't know much at all about UM background; I should read up a bit.

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