Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Things that are cool.

» TV-Nihon is picking up Ultraman Mebius! I've been flailing about this ever since the announcement. Also, Tokuplex says they'll be resuming subbing of Ultraman Max soon.

» My spring_fluff gift-fic was posted! Inui Sadaharu, π. Inui/Tezuka and really a lot of fun. Inui is so adorkable, I wanted to squish him.

» On Friday, I'm off on vac to a resort for a week. I'm assembling books to read, anime & toku to watch, and fic to write. If there's high-speed wireless in the condo, I expect my life will be exactly the same as it is here, only in a different location. That's my second favourite kind of holiday. (My favourite is where I stay here and my partner goes away for a week. :D )

» You. ♥
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