Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Monday night is "we're in denial about our shows being off the air" night

Three Buffys and one TXF. A good night.

Beyond the Sea
Wow, this is a good episode. One of the best of S1. When Scully screams at Luthor Lee Boggs, she's just so fiery and scary and cute as all get out. I want to grab her and kiss her until she pushes me away and slaps me.

Watching Brad Dourif, I noticed that his eyes watered a lot. Which I would have chalked up to his playing a psycho killer who was having visions, except that his eyes water a lot in Two Towers as well. Though maybe that's just coincidence.

Not a bad outing. I always love to see Mrs Post and how she discombobulates Giles. And the scene where Xander sees Buffy and Angel kissing gets me every time.

Lover's Walk
Ah, Spike! I love Evil!Loser!Spike. There's a moment where he's back in the factory, drunk off his head, and sees Drusilla's doll collection. He tears up and in order not to cry, goes game face. It's the cutest thing.

Also, this episode featured Buffy's cleavage in a really big way. Not only is she wearing the sternum-baring shirt throughout, there's a skipping rope scene. Much fun was had, many comments were made.

The Wish
And so begins the Great Love of Anya and Giles.

Well, it should have.

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