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You can call me Hal.

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This I regret.

I regret that I did not buy the silver cape I found in the thrift store a few years ago.

I regret that I did not write that PWP about Teal'c and the First Prime of Yu.

I regret that I turned down the cute boy who asked me to the Christmas party in grade twelve.

I regret that I watched The Postman.

I regret that I drank three cups of coffee late yesterday afternoon. Oh god, do I regret that.

What do you regret?

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Looking at a pic of Steven Tyler's p33n this morning on ONTD.

Oh god. -________-

You can't ever get that stuff out of your brain cells either.

I regret never finding out if I got this job that I was applying for back in 2003, because I decided to move cross-country instead, but I probably DID get it, because they actually called me (nobody ever calls me to tell me I didn't get a job, ever), and if I knew for certain that I had gotten it, then I could have totally thrown it in the face of the ex-boyfriend whose asshole way of breaking up with me was one of the major reasons I decided to move.

No apologies, no regrets.

*makes kissey noises*


*nibbles your ear*

You're the schmoozer.

I regret not starting at least researching this paper sooner.

I regret going to this university.

I regret not having more confidence in high school.

I regret dating That Guy from a year and a half ago.

I regret a lot.

(Deleted comment)
Grah, what a decision. It's either regret all of it or none of it.

Although, I do regret stopping at a kiss during my college "experimental" days. ;)

Not a damned thing. :)

*laughs at the irony of icon keywords*

I regret that I watched The Postman.

Postman/Bethlehem OTP!

I regret that I still haven't finished the lab I have due in an hour.

I regret the entire blow out with one of my friends.

I regret telling one of my biggest secrets to people I trust(ed).

I regret the amount of food I ate yesterday *clutches tummy*

Nothing much. :D
Sometimes I regret not having the salmon for dinner instead of the steak, but then, I have salmon the next day. So that's all right.


I regret that I didn't befriend [a certain person] when he first moved here, instead of eight months later just as he was moving away. I had so many opportunities to get to know him; I just didn't make any effort because I had no idea how wonderful he was until it was too late.

I regret not taking a trip somewhere sunny this winter.

I regret I took a really long nap today. Not the nap part, the long part. (It was TOO long.)

I regret I can't be a better person/writer/adventurer/decision-maker/adult/everything.

I regret I didn't win that lottery. I totally deserved it besides I needed it for my world domination project! Bummer.

I regret, oh so very sincerely regret, my spring break ends today. XD

I regret that I have but one life to give to my favorite porn.

Not putting on a camisole this morning. :/

and quitting smoking.

Wow, wait, that was "not speaking up."

I also regret clicking "Post Comment" buttons before re-reading what I wrote. :D

Eh, this happened 2002-3 so after the Chinese took back Hong Kong (yes there is context to my regrets).

Person asked a whole of group of people (as there were many witnesses to this event) we knew about Hong Kong. The first word that sprang to my mind?

Oppressed? Silence. Next word? Repressed.

Later I felt like wearing a dunce's hat. Or inserting foot in mouth. It's a rather petty regret, more what was I doing regret.

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