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You can call me Hal.

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Genius 341
This was a most delightful collection of OMG, WTF and several other TLAs. Also, crack.

Two things in particular stood out to me: Atobe's miraculously grown-out hair. I don't think it's a rug. This is Atobe Keigo, not William Shatner. My theory is that he's rather like Mitsuru (from Here is Greenwood) and he has special pretty-boy powers that immediately heal things like cuts to the face or shaved hair. What do you think?

Atobe's hair:

Miraculously restored through the power of being really fabulous
A wig
Konomi was held at gunpoint by angry fangirls and forced to give him hair
Konomi just forgot

I have a different theory.

And then there was this:

Who should fight for Kaidoh's honour and win the ultimate prize of his favour?

Kaidoh can take care of himself, thank you very much.
Maybe Kaidoh LIKES Koharu, did you ever think of that?
Somebody else

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Kaidoh should punch everyone present, just because.

It's a good day when Kaidoh gets to beat somebody up.

(Also, just want to make sure you didn't miss this.)

Pshhhhhhhhhht, Kaidoh. I want to see Rokkaku start a brawl with Higa. Since, you know, Ojii and all.

I'm not holding my breath. I doubt Konomi can remeber back that far. :D

I seriously was not paying attention when reading this Genius. I didn't realize until I saw evaporate's post that Atobe's hair had magically appeared and I totally didn't twig on until now that that's Kaidoh by Koharu. I think I failed the test, sensei.

I'm sure if Inui had been involved in either instance, you'd have cottoned on. :)

(Deleted comment)
Oh my god. That would be the best crack doujinshi EVER.

Originally I thought Konomi just forgot but the power of fabulous holds a certain appeal too!

All things are possible for Atobe.

Inui will wait until Koharu is by himself and he'll do that Vulcan Death Grip thing.

Kaidoh will pretend not to have seen, but will secretly delight in it. Then he'll feel guilty and will pray.

I feel that you are on to something here. After Kaidoh prays, do you think he'll give Inui a blowjob?

Kaidoh could take care of himself, but he'll let Inui-senpai do it because Inui's hot when he's jealous and then they can go train half-naked in the river.

Jealous Inui is very nice indeed. :)

He probably DID forget, but that's nowhere near as much fun.

Hey you.

I virtually squished you in my lj.

And now I'm virtually squishing you in Hal's.


What I mean is - it's like when Aunt Petunia cut Harry's hair and it grew back overnight.

Atobe is Harry Potter! Fact!

You mean he's not Draco? :D

I wanted to say Momo, but he wouldn't really charge in there; he'd probably just be really annoyed the whole time but not know why, and then later launch into a clueless rant about guys who are "like that" and Ryoma would just sort of smirk at him and he'd be like, "What?"

And then I wanted to say Tezuka, but he wouldn't either, no matter how much I need, desire and demand Kaidoh/Tezuka fic. So it has to be Inui, he'd be so great with clueless and unnecessary gallantry *_* And Kaidoh would get all growly, and like, "I can take care of myself, Senpai," and Inui would do that thing where he sort of happysighs wistfully in a semi-disturbing "that's my boy" kind of way. *_*

and then later launch into a clueless rant about guys who are "like that" and Ryoma would just sort of smirk at him and he'd be like, "What?"

I really like the way you think. :D

I emailed my reactions to Pix earlier.

totally missed the kaidoh "don't touch me you freak" panel.

I suck that way, yeah.

I suck at answering comments.

I can't believe I missed the KoharuxKaidoh panel. I was too blinded by his prettyiness fighting Momoshiro (I love that Konomi has finally succumbed and draws him bishonen bob hair XD).

Is it just me or did anyone else completely frail when Inui said he is "reversible"? OMGAS:OFKDFKJDGKHAI:JFHDJ; I sense KaidohxInui in the making. XDDDD

I adore Kaidoh's evolution from scary to pretty throughout the series. Especially the hair!

Was that reversible as in salt or sauce? That just screamed out InuMomoKai to me. ♥


Well, I put Momoshiro up there. But I think I should have put Inui. What the heck, maybe Kaidoh just punched everyone in the face.

I love MomoKai. I love InuKai. What should I do???

I love MomoKai. I love InuKai. What should I do???

Ship both and enjoy it. ♥ It's the best of both worlds!

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