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You can call me Hal.

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Vacation update
I am on vacation. But at the moment, I'm spending most of my time working on a story I need to get finished and sent in soon. Later today, I hope. Then, flakeness.

I have wireless here, but it's sloooooow. So slow I'm browsing with images off and not doing much commenting. Thus I will not be working on the website project I wanted to finish this week. But here's what I have planned, once my editing is done:

* Catch up on spring_fluff reading. I'm really behind. :( When I'm writing fic, I can't read other fic until I'm done. I'm not good at multitasking, even on that scale.

* Read a lot of MC Beaton.

* Post about my new-found love. (Fandom love, that is. I'm still quite attached to my partner. ♥)

* Drink a lot of wine and make tipsy posts about how much I love you guys.

* Hang out with my partner in pubs.

* Visit relatives in the area.

* Start watching Touch from the beginning again. This time I'll get past the first section. (If you've seen it, you'll know why I stopped.) I started Touch about two years ago, I think, or maybe more. I don't think I posted about it though. It was one of those series that's just so good, I didn't want to talk about it. That sounds weird, but that's the way it is for me sometimes.

* Eat cheese. We bought a lot of cheese.

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I'm way behind, too. :(

I hope you're having a good time, pretty. ♥

I have been. Except for today, cause I'm hungover. Why am I so stupid?

I am glad you brought cheese with you. :)

Orly? and what would this new love be?

I am baking today and avoiding the front half of the house and listening to Good Omens on CD. All lovely things. But probably not half as lovely as your vacation! :D

More on my new love when my head stops hurting. *g*

Who is reading Good Omens? Are they good?

No. It is terrible. sort of a dry library of congress one.

I am much more into my version of the 13th tale. mmmm.. lynn redgrave.

My girlfriend loves Touch to no end (the kind of love that makes people having both the manga and anime in different languages at the same time...). I've never been a fan of Mitsuru Adachi but tried hard with Touch but stopped a bit after you stopped. I guess I just don't like the characters enough to actually enjoy reading/watching it....

I really enjoy Adachi a lot -- I loved H2 completely. With Touch, I was really intrigued by the relationship between Tatsuya and Kazuya.

Oh, Touch is wonderful. :)

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