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Anime to watch.

Too much fic to read! *brain breaks* While I'm fixing that up, here's what I'm watching from the new anime season.

Ookiku Furikabutte
Expect a detailed and persuasive pimp post on this series once the first episode is subbed. For now, let me say that if I set out to design my perfect sports series, well, okay, that would be a hockey anime with Kiyasu and Onosaka. But if I couldn't have that, it would be a high school baseball series with great characters, lots of heart, and a battery in love. Oofuri is all that and then some. Mihashi, the pitcher, has no self-confidence and it's up to Abe, the catcher, to build him up. And then there's Hanai. And Tajima. And Momo-kan and Shiga-sensei. And and and.

I don't think I can overstate how excited I am about this series. I've watched the raws for the first two episodes. I've read the three manga chapters that Entropy has scanlated. If the manga used furigana, I think I'd be struggling through the raws with my dictionaries. I made a comm for all the fic that you and I are going to write: oofuri_etc. There is also an info comm: oofuri.

You will be hearing more about this. A lot more.

Over Drive
More high school sports, this time cycling. After two episodes, I'm not super-impressed, but now that we've got over the First Trial for the Underdog Protagonist and we're on to Team Building, it should be a bit better. I guess I'm watching because A. it's a sports series, B. the credits sequence promises hot boys in bicycle shorts, and C. Okiayu Ryoutarou is in it. Allegedly. I haven't heard him yet.

Romeo x Juliet
ANN says: "This is a story of a young and tragic love, set in the aerial city of Neo Verona." Juliet kicks some fucking ass. And Okiayu is in this one too.

That's everything I've tried. What new anime would you rec?
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