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You can call me Hal.

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Anime to watch.
Too much fic to read! *brain breaks* While I'm fixing that up, here's what I'm watching from the new anime season.

Ookiku Furikabutte
Expect a detailed and persuasive pimp post on this series once the first episode is subbed. For now, let me say that if I set out to design my perfect sports series, well, okay, that would be a hockey anime with Kiyasu and Onosaka. But if I couldn't have that, it would be a high school baseball series with great characters, lots of heart, and a battery in love. Oofuri is all that and then some. Mihashi, the pitcher, has no self-confidence and it's up to Abe, the catcher, to build him up. And then there's Hanai. And Tajima. And Momo-kan and Shiga-sensei. And and and.

I don't think I can overstate how excited I am about this series. I've watched the raws for the first two episodes. I've read the three manga chapters that Entropy has scanlated. If the manga used furigana, I think I'd be struggling through the raws with my dictionaries. I made a comm for all the fic that you and I are going to write: oofuri_etc. There is also an info comm: oofuri.

You will be hearing more about this. A lot more.

Over Drive
More high school sports, this time cycling. After two episodes, I'm not super-impressed, but now that we've got over the First Trial for the Underdog Protagonist and we're on to Team Building, it should be a bit better. I guess I'm watching because A. it's a sports series, B. the credits sequence promises hot boys in bicycle shorts, and C. Okiayu Ryoutarou is in it. Allegedly. I haven't heard him yet.

Romeo x Juliet
ANN says: "This is a story of a young and tragic love, set in the aerial city of Neo Verona." Juliet kicks some fucking ass. And Okiayu is in this one too.

That's everything I've tried. What new anime would you rec?

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Have you watched Peacemaker Kurogane? *has no memory if you have* If not, it's awesome...but not really new...but really awesome.

I've heard good things but I've never given it a try. I'll keep it in mind to check out. :)

Not a rec per se, since this is the only one I've actually gotten around to watching, but I'm really intrigued by, if sort of reserving judgment on, Bokurano. From the summary I expected kind of a melancholy cyberpunk mindfuck -- I guess in my head it was going to be Serial Experiments Lain only with giant fighting robots? (It's not. Well, it's got the robots and the fighting, but the television fuzz and disorienting time-jumps that break up each section seem sort of like afterthoughts rather than integral to the action/themes?) Anyway, the premise is that these fifteen kids meet some shady guy at the beach and agree to beta-test his mecha video game. But what they don't know is *spoilerspoiler* :O Anyway, in the first episode there are hints that this could be exactly what I want it to be: game vs. reality mindfuck, self-sacrifice, people accepting or rebelling against their fate, etc. But only hints; it's one that I hope gets better -- judgment is reserved however because of course the first ep was going to be expositiony and awkward, what with introducing fifteen main characters and the high-concept... uh, concept :)

Eep, I hope Over Drive does get better! I was so excited when I first heard of it. Am also really looking forward to Lovely Complex.

Ooh, I'll give Bokurano a try. And you -- you should watch Shibuyua 15. It's a live action show. Tokusatsu, really, but it has a kind of drama-ish feel to it too. It's got fifteen-year-old kids gang fighting in Shibuya, mind-fuck, great characters, and a really stylish look. (Also, the main character is a fifteen-year-old boy played by a seventeen-year-old girl. This, ah, appeals to me.) It's not a long series -- 8 eps, maybe? I forget exactly. I really loved it and I'm going through it a second time now. TV Nihon (http://www.tvnihon.com/) subbed it and if you can't easily get it from them, I can upload for you.

I think Over Drive will improve, but Oofuri is outshining everything right now. I've heard good buzz on LoveCom but it's not really the sort of thing I'm interested in.

Arg, I've been a fan of the Oofuri manga but hadn't gotten around to watching the anime yet. I don't remember the manga being all that hard to read...Why not check it out in Japanese?

The lack of furigana is a problem. (There's a bit, but it's not used for every character.) I don't know any kanji and, more to the point, I don't know how to look up kanji, which I imagine is a bit complicated. I suppose it might be a good project to try to learn on, though. Hmm.

I've heard good things about RomeoxJuliet. And the first episode of Lovely Complex looks promising

I watched the first ova of Winter Cicada (Fuyu no Semi) last night. The art was.. ok, but seemed to get better as the episode progressed. Historical story, yaoi, but a nice actual build up to the story instead of typical "zomg we're gay lets sex".

Also, I think Kishin Taisen Gigantic Formura (a review here). I like the art style. very flat and muted. Not sure about the robots. robots tend to disappoint me.

Koutetsu Sangokushi also look right up my alley. But then I tend to go for historical stories (sorry, not alot of sports unless it's tennis. :D) - it gives mate and I something argue about. The art looks gorgeous and flimsy wispy though, which is always pretty.

Yes, probably no help at all - but that is what I am watching. Now. Coffee. Yes. coffee.

I'm not really into yaoi anime -- I like the story to be about something else so I can supply what romance I want myself. :) Mecha isn't usually my thing either. Koutetsu Sangokushi might be worth it for the VAs alone! That's quite a line-up.

And coffee is always good.

But if I couldn't have that, it would be a high school baseball series with great characters, lots of heart, and a battery in love.

I WILL BE OVER HERE WRITING LOVE LETTERS TO JAPAN. I have been WAITING for my pitcher/catcher slash! (I have been waiting for the first episode to turn up subbed, too, but I didn't know what to expect from it. BATTERY LOVE FOR THE WIN!)

Read the scanlated manga chapters and then you'll be good to watch the first few anime raws, at least. I am haunting Saizen's site so as to get the sub the instant it's ready.


ookiku furikabutte looks really cute -- i think i'll give it a shot once the sub comes out! i haven't really had time to check out a lot of the new anime that has been released, but i did watch the two subbed episodes of darker than black -- that one seems kind of interesting so far. it's kind of sci-fi-y with a lot of action.

I think I saw some posts about Darker than Black -- I should take a look.

Oofuri looks like a fabulous sports series. The catcher/pitcher bonding is just the icing on the cake. I'll be sure to post once the sub is available.

well, okay, that would be a hockey anime with Kiyasu and Onosaka.

Not lacrosse? *is very sad*

I doubt anyone could do it justice. :D

I just watched the second episode raw and I think I should put my claim in for Hanai and Tajima now. You know, just in case we're gonna have to fight again.

I can't believe how much into sports anime I am, for a girl who's basically allergic to sports/fitness. I'm checking out this Ookiku thingy ASAP; baseball is a lot more than a national sport in my country...

Yay! I'll post more info once there's a sub. It's such a great series.

But if I couldn't have that, it would be a high school baseball series with great characters, lots of heart, and a battery in love

LOL or you could check out Major as well.
It's in the third season and it's one of the shounen series that I cried when watching it. It's in its third season and subbed by MJN. First season , they're still kids so don't expect much :Þ but then by the end of second season I was ready to promote Goro and Toshi's love XDXD.

And have you checked out Mitsuru Adachi's shounen series. Touch is the famous one, but you should not miss H2, Katsu and the most recent one Cross Game.

0_o That MJN link should be http://a.scarywater.net/mjn .. grrr. and ignore the fact that I can't read and you're looking for new anime

Ahahaha, I came across your blog while looking through ofuuri in the hopes that there might be massive spoilers (no... scans... anywhere...) or maybe fic. Just, so, you know, I don't come off as a completely random stranger. >_>
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Ahahaha, I came across your blog while looking through <lj user="ofuuri"> in the hopes that there might be massive spoilers (<i>no... scans... anywhere...</i>) or maybe fic. Just, so, you know, I don't come off as a completely random stranger. >_> <_< >_< &hearts;

For this season, I'd recommend Darker than Black and Seirei no Moribito. Especially Seirei no Moribito, which current shares the most favorite position with Ookiku Furikabutte.

Hee! I can't spoil you for Oofuri since I can only follow the translations. No fic as yet, but I'm hoping everyone will start writing some and posting it at oofuri_etc.

I'm so excited about Oofuri, I can hardly think. ♥

Thanks for your recs, too!

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