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You can call me Hal.

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Genius 343
kaidoh kalos
Download the raw: SS.

In fact, the thing that occupies my mind the most about the current sequence is what we're NOT seeing.

Konjiki Koharu. Dumped his boyfriend. Clearly shown in 341 giving Kaidoh the eye. Neither are participating in the meat battle. Neither have been shown in those issues.


ETA: D'oh! They are there after all. I lose to Marks' eagle eye.


Also: how did Momoshiro get knocked out of an eating contest? Did I miss something there?

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I think Yuuji probably got fed up with Koharu's wandering eye and gave him an ultimatum and then Koharu got irritated and dumped Yuuji as revenge.

But interesting the fact Kaidoh and Yuuji kinda...look similar...

Koharu will come slinking back to Yuuji. They probably break up every week and then get back together a few days later. ;D ;D ;D

They probably break up every week and then get back together a few days later.

Just like Momo and Kaidoh. :D

No doubt there will be a suitably emotional reunion. But surely Koharu will try to get with Kaidoh in the meantime.

(Deleted comment)
I just can't understand it. Unless it was juice-related.

YES! What happened with Momo??? Does he have a stomach virus? Did he and Eiji and Ryoma stop off somewhere seekrit for burgers along the way??? STILL. Momo = bottomless pit!!! Maybe Momo is cosplaying someone on Seigaku and in the end it will all be revealed. Seigaku stealth!

Maybe Momo somehow discovered that Koharu was molesting Kaidoh and it made him lose his concentration. That's the best I've got for now.

He must've been so jealous. Poor Baka.

The missing Kaidoh is distrubing me. if only because I do not support the team he is fraternizing with.

That said, this issue has given me more ammo in my defense that Kite has bad glasses.

If Kaidoh is being sexually harassed, I want to see it. For science.

Kite looks like a beetle. With bad glasses.

sorry, but your icon slays me.

Hee! He's just that pretty.

1. I think Kabaji is now my favorite Hyotei person.

2. Koharu is definitely there, and it looks like Kaidoh is too:

Though maybe they snuck off at some point. :D

3. OMG I'M ABOUT TO READ OOFURI 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

1. He is pretty damn fabulous.

2. D'oh! How did I miss that? (All the baseball must have melted my brain.) When will I get my sexual harassment? When?


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