Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Do you mentally step back during the events in your life and think about how you could use them as fic fodder? Like, say you were putting together a cheap particleboard TV stand and not enjoying it very much and you started daydreaming about how Inui and Kaidoh move in together and Inui keeps buying cheap furniture that they don't have room for and putting it together in a slapdash fashion and it drives Kaidoh crazy so he waits until Inui is out and then takes it apart and reassembles it more neatly and then one day Inui sees Kaidoh returning an electric screwdriver to Momoshiro and thinks Kaidoh is cheating on him only he isn't, of course, just fixing the furniture.

I kind of wish Kaidoh were here now because while I was writing fic in my head, I put one of the panels in upside down so the unfinished edge is showing. Damn.
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