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You can call me Hal.

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(no subject)
kaidoh sparks
Do you mentally step back during the events in your life and think about how you could use them as fic fodder? Like, say you were putting together a cheap particleboard TV stand and not enjoying it very much and you started daydreaming about how Inui and Kaidoh move in together and Inui keeps buying cheap furniture that they don't have room for and putting it together in a slapdash fashion and it drives Kaidoh crazy so he waits until Inui is out and then takes it apart and reassembles it more neatly and then one day Inui sees Kaidoh returning an electric screwdriver to Momoshiro and thinks Kaidoh is cheating on him only he isn't, of course, just fixing the furniture.

I kind of wish Kaidoh were here now because while I was writing fic in my head, I put one of the panels in upside down so the unfinished edge is showing. Damn.

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Just about everything I do and see becomes fic fodder.

This furniture fixing business would make for good fic. Just sayin'.

At least this way real life is good for something.

Do they have IKEA in Japan?

they sure do.

....and yes, I use RL like that all the time. I sort of feel like nothing around me is safe from eventually finding itself used as a detail in one story or another. ^^

Hm. Perhaps that is perhaps my issue. I frame things into LJ posts, but not fic.

But I'd most definitely read this fic!

I do that with posts too. And then once they're all written in my head, I no longer feel the need to post them. I'm never sure if that's good or bad. :)

see post one dated 4.25.07 for exhibit A.

That said, why wouldn't Kaidoh own his own electric screwdriver, hm? Indeed.

I still want to read that one.

You're very suspicious, missy! But it's a good point...

poke Marks. she does a better Inui. :D

plus, I've heard she enjoys a poke here and there.

I am! But doesn't it seem off that he would go to Momo for tools?

The stuff or real life makes great fics. I'd enjoy reading a fic like that. :)

It'd be interesting for Inui to find out the truth, and Inui ask for him to show up with nothing on but his tool belt on.

Inui might go overboard buying Kaidoh power tools so he never has to borrow them again. :D

One time I was traveling up Interstate 81, and I pretended that Ryoma and Tezuka were on a road trip, and I got lost in West Virginia.


At least this way real life is good for something.

Ahhaahahah. Amen.

Don't you mean he returns the screwdriver to An, i.e. the competent one in the the Momoshiro household? ~_^ (Momo can still pretend it's his screwdriver if he wants. Bless.)

Also, I can so picture Inui tilting his head to the side, wondering why Tab A never seems to fit Slot B, despite numerous attempts. They do say the mark of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results... :)

I love it when real life gives me fic ideas. Though it is a bit disconcerting when something my sister does gives me an idea for Fujicest...

Kind of wish that the fic extraction machine was invented already. *wants fics out of her head but no time* ._.

Of course this means you're writing that fic. Right? *puppy eyes*

I wish my RL was cool enough to be made into fic. :

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