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You can call me Hal.

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(no subject)
Res gestae
* Draft of mousapelli's story. Finally!
* My taxes

Res not so gestae
* Answering comments
* Writing pimp post for Oofuri
* Reading backlogged fic on spring_fluff & remixredux.
* Making a character for tomorrow's D&D
* Preparing a module for Thursday's D&D
* Engaging with fandom
* Doing any real work whatsoever

I think I need a PA. Or somebody to poke me with a stick.

Love you all and hope to have some actual content here soon. ♥

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EEEEE. I can't even wait!

*tries in vain to finish fic*

Hee! It will still be a day or two. I'm hoping to get some actual beta on it, but failing that, I'll still need to do some editing and such. I hope you like it! I'm liking it a lot myself, so that may be a good sign.

i'm sure i will love it ♥ You're my hero.

I'm writing five times Tezuka wasn't captain, but i keep falling asleep because i'm so tired. I'm stuck mid-oishi.

I finally realized I would not be able to keep up with either of them.

I love how development of D&D characters takes a place on the list. :)

I think I'm as caught up with spluff as I will ever be now. Remix I might skim on the weekend. I meant to ask you which was your story but now I'll just look for your name.

D&D is serious business in our house. God, we're both such giant geeks. But popular in the geek community. :D

Being a popular geek is important.


I posted the link on my writing journal. I didn't care for the story so I am not pimping it.

I have a list just like yours, but my res not so gestae always find a way to get done first. :P

The lack of Inukai at spluff makes me shad. :(

I think I need to organize my lists better. Like, "No working on client projects until you've watched five epsiodes of Wild Striker!" And then either I'll rebel against the list and do my client work or I'll watch the anime and feel good because I'm following the list.

Me too. I want to write some but I can't decide whether I want something depressing or something nice.

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