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You can call me Hal.

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PoT OVA 10
kaidoh kalos
One day I was looking o'er my father's castle wall.
I spied all the boys playing with a ball,
And my own true love, he was the flower of them all.
He's young, but he's daily growing.

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i just started rewatching the series from the start. i'd forgotten just how much i loved kaidoh. :x

Oh, I know. I love how scary he is at first, before we discover he's just a big marshmallow on the inside.

Hm. I fully endorse Kaidoh love and poetry which supports it.


It's a folksong. There can never be enough Kaidoh love. And that icon always makes me stick my lower lip out a bit. It captures him so perfectly.

it symbolizes him perfectly in my mind.

so does the line "am I going to be lonely for the rest of my life?"

no wait, that is just playing in the back ground right now.


Now my lower lip is wobbling. Kaidoh! Be happy! Wah!

I just sort of sat and wibbled quietly for awhile. Oh, Kaidoh.

The way he, not Inui, controlled the game! And Inui didn't even seem to realise it. He's come so far. ♥♥♥

10 is already released?? XD gotta check! YAY!

It was great -- a really fun match.

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