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You can call me Hal.

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I love coffee, I love tea, I love beer, but beer hates me.
So, I finally have to admit to myself that much as I love beer and wine, they do not agree with me. More than a glass and I get headaches and nausea and hangovers from hell. Friday, I had a glass of beer, then a lot of rum and Coke (Diet Coke, really), got pretty smashed, started writing some smut (but was too sleepy to finish -- I'll try to get that done today), and woke up in the morning feeling fine, fine, fine. No headache, no nothing.

I'm sad. I love beer so much. But I don't love being sick, so I need to figure out some other drinks to have when I want to overindulge. I like rum and Coke -- if it's good enough for Julian it should be good enough for me -- but it's a bit on the sweet side. And I've still got my single malt, but that's more a relaxing at home tipple. I need some suggestions.

What non-sweet alcoholic drink do you like to have when you go out?

Tequila's always favorite. Or vodka.

Tequila kind of scares me! But there's a lot you can do with vodka.

Uh-- screwdrivers aren't non-sweet alcoholic drinks, but I find them to be less sweet than Coke.

Also, there's a variety of coffee-based alcoholic drinks. If you could combine coffee, alcohol, porn, and... hockey? Would that be the most perfect thing?

Actually, one of my favourite things is drinking beer and coffee at the same time. (Not mixed!)

Coffee, booze, hockey, and Kiyasu Kohei might do the trick. :D

(Deleted comment)
hmm...I usually have vodka. Sometimes a white russian, but they're sweet.

Now I want to watch The Big Lebowski. :)

When I'm not drinking rum and coke, or cider, I tend to drink Long Island Ice Teas, or vodka with soda water and lime cordial.

My partner drinks Long Island Ice Tea but it's still pretty sweet for me.

I'm fond of Gin and Tonic lately.

I like scotch-and-soda.

Scotch and water for me. :)

My friend loves Jack Daniels and Coke. but I find it a bit toxic. What about tequila shots? Or Aftershock? They're pretty sour. Or Smirnoff Ice, not as sickly as WKD. :D

I googled Aftershock and it looked a bit scary to me. :) Jack and coke might do the trick though.

Lately when I go out I drink Bloody Marys, because then I can tell myself I'm not a sot, just being all healthful and vegetable-consuming. Actually, my favorite is a really good dry martini, but they're so damned expensive that I usually just have them at home.

I had a Caesar the other day, which I think is pretty much the Canadian version of a Bloody Mary. It uses Clamato intstead of tomato juice. Even without tabasco it was too spicy for me though. I'm kind of a wimp like that. :)

Apple sours. I tend to like vodka lemonade the most, but that's sweet. Jack Daniels and coke might do the trick, though. It's strong, but it certainly isn't sweet!

Jack and coke is a thought!

oddly enough, I just had this conversation in the car with mate. Everytime I drink beer I get all allergy stuffy the next morning, and my face tends to have odd rashy spots for a few days. I think I may be allergic to something in in (grains or wheat or hops - not sure) so am stopping drinking to see if it works.

*soul mates*

That said, scotch. But scotch is a sipping, relaxing with a good book sort of thing.

So - Moscow Mule or a Grey Hound (or a Salty Dog if you like kosher salt). Sometimes a gin and tonic if the weather suits me.

I'm not ignoring you any more. :D

It might be the histamines in the beer. I get stuffed up sometimes too. But mostly headaches and nausea.

Scotch is good with Doctor Who, I find.

The Moscow Mule sounds good. I wonder if they've heard of it down at the pub.

Sake is my favourite - but that's pretty dependant on the restaurant.

Otherwise I tend to go for Vodka. Cider is nice? Midori is okay if you take it in shots, sipping it throughout the night gets a bit old.

I hate the chocolate milkshake things. D:

I like sake, but my local is pretty much a fish and chips type pub, so that's pretty much out. A dry cider isn't bad -- there's a local cider press that makes good stuff -- but I'm not a big apple fan. I have some good ideas from the commetns, though. :)

I like a Manhatten, which is traditionally rye, sweet vermouth, bitters and a maraschino cherry (altho I am greedy and always ask for two cherries because I like a cherry before and a cherry after.) If you don't like rye, you can have it made with bourbon, but... ick. I don't like bourbon. The only problem with Manhattens is that for some reason outside of upscale or trendy joints, some bartenders don't know what they are, which strikes me as ridiculous. That's like a chef not knowing what duck is.

The Manhatten sounds good. I'll put it on the list. :)

Gin & tonic is my standby; my husband likes vodka tonics. In both cases we ask for a particular variety of the alcohol, not just the "well" stuff (which is cheap and horrid). Bombay is my standby good gin; Grey Goose the standby good vodka.

I am also fond of rum & tonic, which my husband started making for me because I find rum & coke too sweet. I've never ordered one out, though I can't imagine any bartender would object.

The place where I usually drink has very sweet tonic, sadly. I may try a gin martini next time, see how that goes.

Another vote for gin & tonic, with Bombay.