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You can call me Hal.

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I love coffee, I love tea, I love beer, but beer hates me.
So, I finally have to admit to myself that much as I love beer and wine, they do not agree with me. More than a glass and I get headaches and nausea and hangovers from hell. Friday, I had a glass of beer, then a lot of rum and Coke (Diet Coke, really), got pretty smashed, started writing some smut (but was too sleepy to finish -- I'll try to get that done today), and woke up in the morning feeling fine, fine, fine. No headache, no nothing.

I'm sad. I love beer so much. But I don't love being sick, so I need to figure out some other drinks to have when I want to overindulge. I like rum and Coke -- if it's good enough for Julian it should be good enough for me -- but it's a bit on the sweet side. And I've still got my single malt, but that's more a relaxing at home tipple. I need some suggestions.

What non-sweet alcoholic drink do you like to have when you go out?

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Uh-- screwdrivers aren't non-sweet alcoholic drinks, but I find them to be less sweet than Coke.

Also, there's a variety of coffee-based alcoholic drinks. If you could combine coffee, alcohol, porn, and... hockey? Would that be the most perfect thing?

Actually, one of my favourite things is drinking beer and coffee at the same time. (Not mixed!)

Coffee, booze, hockey, and Kiyasu Kohei might do the trick. :D

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