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You can call me Hal.

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I love coffee, I love tea, I love beer, but beer hates me.
So, I finally have to admit to myself that much as I love beer and wine, they do not agree with me. More than a glass and I get headaches and nausea and hangovers from hell. Friday, I had a glass of beer, then a lot of rum and Coke (Diet Coke, really), got pretty smashed, started writing some smut (but was too sleepy to finish -- I'll try to get that done today), and woke up in the morning feeling fine, fine, fine. No headache, no nothing.

I'm sad. I love beer so much. But I don't love being sick, so I need to figure out some other drinks to have when I want to overindulge. I like rum and Coke -- if it's good enough for Julian it should be good enough for me -- but it's a bit on the sweet side. And I've still got my single malt, but that's more a relaxing at home tipple. I need some suggestions.

What non-sweet alcoholic drink do you like to have when you go out?

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Gin & tonic is my standby; my husband likes vodka tonics. In both cases we ask for a particular variety of the alcohol, not just the "well" stuff (which is cheap and horrid). Bombay is my standby good gin; Grey Goose the standby good vodka.

I am also fond of rum & tonic, which my husband started making for me because I find rum & coke too sweet. I've never ordered one out, though I can't imagine any bartender would object.

The place where I usually drink has very sweet tonic, sadly. I may try a gin martini next time, see how that goes.

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