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You can call me Hal.

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Kaidoh and other things.
inukai skeleton
» So, it turns out that LJ wasn't sending me comments on my last couple of posts. It turns out that this was my own fault. Replies soon. You guys sure like your jynnantonnyx!

» I'm beavering away at the Oofuri pimp post. It may even be ready today.

» It's Kaidoh's birthday on the 11th and I'm trying to write some short & sweet InuKai but nothing that fits is coming to mind. (I have about three things in the ever-growing queue, but they are either too long or too not-happy for this.) If you feel like it, hit me with some prompts and I'll see if something sticks.

» More about Kaidoh. I was lying back in my chair, trying to decide who he'd prefer to be paired up with for his birthday: Inui, Momo, Fuji, someone else. And I thought I heard him whisper in that sweet growly voice, "Inui-senpai, because he's difficult." And that's exactly why they are my OTP. MomoKai is like falling off a log and bumping your head. FujiKai is like wading into water and floating on your back. But InuKai is like a brainteaser that you can sometimes solve but almost by accident and the next time you try it, you have to work it all out again. Inui is difficult. Kaidoh is difficult. No wonder they love each other so much. No wonder I love them.

» I will try to remember who all you journal-renamers are, but there are so many of you, it will be difficult. There are already too many people on my flist whom I squint at and think, I used to know who you were...

» I like cheese. And you. ♥

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You should write that one prompt I had. or not as it was way sad. :( Or perhaps the one with Inui trying to cook? Cause Inui in an apron, no matter how terrible the meal, is sure to twist even the gruffest of Kaidoh hearts.


and here I thought you were ignoring me.

Damn. I was so planning on changing my name. to Kyle.

It was too sad! Not too sad in general, just too sad for Kaidoh's birthday. I need an idea for something in Happy Happy Kaidoh Land.

Inui cooking.

I was ignoring everyone, like a stuck-up bitch. I need to find a good drink for when we go out drinking.

If you changed your name, I would remember. But don't.

I see a lot of people are getting confused by their flists -- I feel a little left out, as nobody on my flist has renamed! :O This has made my browsing easier, though.

I've been considering name-changing, myself, but I've been putting up polls and stuff in the vain hope that I'm giving advance warning. Last time I name-changed, I made three posts explaining it and still three people commented on later posts asking who I was. Oh man.

I've seen about three renames and more are threatened. And my flist is quite large, so it's hard enough to keep track as it is. Plus name changes make me feel like the people are changing along with their name.

I keep trying to remember your old username and failing. I have a feeling you weren't on my list very long before you changed, so the old name didn't imprint.

Oh my god, Oofuri pimp post. Yes, please. *_* (I am madly and incoherently in love with it right now.)

It is so much love! I can hardly contain myself. ♥

Yay for Oofuri pimping~

Is it really such a flood? I don't think anyone on my flist has changed their username. o_o;

There's been a lot of name-changing/talking about name-changing. But I have close to four times as many people friended as you do, so that's probably why. :)

I think I have about a million of your Oofuri posts open in tabs right now, waiting to be read. I'm pretty behind at most of life!

But InuKai is like a brainteaser that you can sometimes solve but almost by accident and the next time you try it, you have to work it all out again. Inui is difficult. Kaidoh is difficult. No wonder they love each other so much. No wonder I love them.

*grins cheesily*

*realizes what she's doing*

...Stupid pairing. :|

Let's put on some Air Supply and flail about OMG their True Love Forever!

Considering how much you've been mentioning this Oofuri, I'm excited for your pimp post.

I love it when you talk Inui/Kaidoh. I don't have anything of import to contribute. Just lots of hearts, really. There hasn't been a lot of Inui/Kaidoh lately and it makes me want to bribe people to write some.

Prompt? Hm. Comic book super-heroes. Or a broken computer. Do those count as prompts?

Oofuri any day now! It's the best thing since Slam Dunk.

We should have lots of InuKai talk. I could discuss them forever.

Those are great prompts. :) I've been neglecting writing them somehow. Actually, my two current WIPs are RyoKai (which may never see the light of day) and InuTez, so I'm feeling guilty because I'm splitting up my two OTPs and re-matching them.

That last line was for me. I know it.

Kaidoh's father gets a promotion! It's good news, really, but it means that the family has to move across town. The new school has a top-notch academic program, but it's pretty small and they favor pool sports (like swimming and water polo) to tennis. Kaidoh

(A) doesn't tell anyone until the day he's supposed to leave, even though he can't understand his own reluctance to mention it to Inui, or his sense of urgency, but the morning of the move he calls up Tezuka to tell him that he won't be at practice that day, or ever, and then he calls Inui to tell him he loves him and hangs up quickly, and then calls Momo to tell him he's a dumbass;

(B) would rather attend the nearest boarding school than move across town, would rather play evil gay tennis for St. Rudolph's than no tennis at all;

(C) is shocked when, without consulting him, Inui extends to Kaidoh's parents his own parents' invitation to let Kaidoh stay in their guest bedroom during the week so that he doesn't have to change schools;

(D) resigns himself to a life without tennis, without Inui, with only WOE, but then actually he really likes his new school, and he plays tennis sometimes at a public court, but not all the time, and he finds he really likes chess and boys-- and Inui, when he visits Kaidoh, is astounded;

([A] & [C] combo) makes his melodramatic phone calls the night before the move, and is very embarrassed when he ends up in Inui's spare room after all, and has to face everyone he thought he was never going to see again, because that will teach him not to be a drama queen.

And it's his birthday.

Oh my god, these are all fabulous. Especially the evil gay tennis. But especially especially the A/C combo. Also, I'm imagining a version of A where Inui completely loses it after being abandoned for the second time and won't come out of his room for months and can only be cured by a Healing Threeway with Kaidoh and Yanagi.

Oofuri as in Ookiku Furikabutte ?

There is a manga pimp post that went up today for it here (if you want to tie that in as well):

And ♥.♥ I just started reading the manga today and it is so good. I'm looking forward to getting hold of the anime. :)

It's cute your reason for loving Inui/Kaidoh!

And with the renaming I'm with you on that. @.@; I see a post going I have renamed and I'm all... But who were you before? D:

Does Kaidoh like cheese? &hearts

Inui's data indicates that he does. :)

I think Kaido would easily get in the (hostile) rhythm with Kamio. Why does nobody ever pair them up?

And Yagyuu would have canon base AND the easy gentleman VS grumpy well-bred competition to boot (maybe that's utterly boring, now that I think of, like in a catholic all-girls school --only in front of the nuns, that is). Yagyuu has glasses but lacks creepiness, maybe that doesn't satisfy Kaido, Yagyuu would be tactful but tasteless. Maybe it could turn out to be Niou. Or not, and Niou goes all "You are being unfaithful to me!", a la Hitouji. Maybe Kaido could be harrassed by Koharu outside the courts and finally end up having an affair with Hitouji, to spit Koharu (they both use bandanas, in different fashions). And then masked!Momo would come in his rescue as if this was Sailor Moon (cat included), Koharu and Hitouji would make amends (as usual, but Koharu would still want his share of Kaido...), and Inui would be too busy chatting with Fuji to care. Yes. Spluff showed me that.

Please, do not write anything I have suggested here. I am not sure I want to read ANY of that. It's time for some Hal's TM InuKai! (...or not). Do what the characters want,in the end they are the ones who decide.

Finally, why do I always have to resort to Yoko Fujitani if I have to read some RyoKai (KaiRyo) of any sorts. Boooh.

Kaidoh/Kamio would be lots of fun -- either slash or just doubles. I think it would make Momo pretty cranky. :) Same with RyoKai, actually.

I love your soap-opera scenarios! I'm sure Koharu wants his share of Kaidoh but I wonder what will happen if he tries to claim it.

I used to support Inui/Fuji but I don't anymore. The more I thought about them, the less I could see them as a real couple. Maybe together just for fooling around, but not romantically attached. To me, they are too alike in the wrong ways.

I hope I will have some short and sweet InuKai ready for the 11th. Kaidoh deserves some positive attention. :)

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