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Kaidoh and other things.

» So, it turns out that LJ wasn't sending me comments on my last couple of posts. It turns out that this was my own fault. Replies soon. You guys sure like your jynnantonnyx!

» I'm beavering away at the Oofuri pimp post. It may even be ready today.

» It's Kaidoh's birthday on the 11th and I'm trying to write some short & sweet InuKai but nothing that fits is coming to mind. (I have about three things in the ever-growing queue, but they are either too long or too not-happy for this.) If you feel like it, hit me with some prompts and I'll see if something sticks.

» More about Kaidoh. I was lying back in my chair, trying to decide who he'd prefer to be paired up with for his birthday: Inui, Momo, Fuji, someone else. And I thought I heard him whisper in that sweet growly voice, "Inui-senpai, because he's difficult." And that's exactly why they are my OTP. MomoKai is like falling off a log and bumping your head. FujiKai is like wading into water and floating on your back. But InuKai is like a brainteaser that you can sometimes solve but almost by accident and the next time you try it, you have to work it all out again. Inui is difficult. Kaidoh is difficult. No wonder they love each other so much. No wonder I love them.

» I will try to remember who all you journal-renamers are, but there are so many of you, it will be difficult. There are already too many people on my flist whom I squint at and think, I used to know who you were...

» I like cheese. And you. ♥
Tags: i like robots better than you, tenipuri
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